1993 was the year in which this cute princess was born. She has now set foot in the cine industry. To our surprise, she is from south India. Born in Hyderabad, she maps herself to the Telugu film industry. She resides in her hometown and is looking forward to her growth in the cinema industry. Gaining prominence through a very short appearance in Praveen Sattaru’s Chandamama Kathalu, she now plays major roles in many Telugu films. Not only has she made her presence on the big screens, but she also plays roles on thesmall screens, including television serials in Telugu. She has also performed many supporting roles that added the feather on her hat. She came into the field of acting in 2009 and has striven hard to be famous since then.

She began her her career in a reality show named ‘Andamaina Bhamalu’ which was a beauty contest. Swathi Deekshith, who has splendid beauty won the title and stole many hearts. Eventually, she was driven into the telgu cine industry (Tollywood). After her victory, she has made two films and several advertisements that has added on to her opportunities to become famous. She has made her debut as a lead role in a Bengali film titled as ‘Tor Naam’ directed by Jaya Shanker, and in telugu in ‘ Break Up Click to look into! >> Read More... Break Up ’ directed by Amar Kamepalli in 2013. The movie ‘Break-Up’ has a normal plot outline of basic romance relationships these days and Swathi has done an extremely good performance in enacting the woman’s role in such relationships. She has also done significant roles in Jump Jilani directed by Allari Naresh Allari Naresh is a popular Telugu actor, who has a >> Read More... Allari Naresh in 2014 which portrays a film of a comedy genre.

Her role in Ladies and Gentlemen by Madhura Sreedhar in 2015 hit the top of Telugu’s fame list. This movie is a mixture of romance and comedy and the main cast of this movie was Chaitanya. This hasuplifted her status inr the Telugu film industry. Her upcoming movie is ‘Pattapagal’ in which she has starred in the role of a woman who serves as a host for ghosts. This is the first movie that gives her an opportunity to enact in a horror genre movie. She is still not married and is working really hard to hit the top actress list. Her progress is slow as the world is filled with many upcoming new faces and she has to face several challenges that exist on her way to hit the red carpet to the favorite heroine list in Tollywood.