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Telugu Movie Actress Pujita Ponnada
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Pujita Ponnada is an actor from web series. She made her debut in web series and later got offers from TV shows and now she has grabbed some interesting roles even in movies. The actress was born in Vizag, and later on moved to Chennai, where she did her graduation.

She then shifted to Hyderabad and became a software engineer. Pujita is the latest new face to get reckon with audiences. She grabbed her first film role in ‘ Tuntari Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ alongside Nagarjuna and later got a chance to act with Nagarjuna for ‘ Oopiri Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. Now we hear that the actress has got an offer to play a role with Ram Charan Ram Charan is a famous Tollywood actor and an entr >> Read More... too.

She got offers for short films and web series when she was looking for a job as software engineer in Hyderabad. When she was in Chennai, she used to get many offers for films but she was bit apprehensive then. Her parents too did not want her to act in movies as this would hamper her studies.

But when she was in Hyderabad, she got first chance to act in short film named ‘Upma Tinesindi’. Later on, she acted in some commercial advertisements and became a talk of the town. She caught the attention of many filmmakers after she played a role in short movies.

It is reported that after getting persistent requests from director Srinu Pandranki Srinu Pandranki was born on 5th October, 1987. He >> Read More... to play a role in Upma Tinesindi’, she became an actress in short movies. Later on, she got a lot of offers in TV series and movies too. It is said her parents were okay with offers that were pouring in for her in short movies, commercials etc., but they did raise objections when she got her first offer for ‘Tuntari’.

In this movie, she was cast alongside Nagarjuna but she got the central character on whom the film is based actually. She is one of the characters in the movie who transforms a careless guy to take up boxing as a career.  Her short-lived career as a soft engineer although made her popular amongst web series, but this actress cannot forget her experience in working for short movies which taught her how to feel comfortable before the camera, speak dialogues, and she gained even a vast knowledge of camera angles how to look perfect for a scene.

She appeared recently in a movie ' Darshakudu Click to look into! >> Read More... ,' which was a love story directed by Jakka Hari Prasad Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . Alongside actors like Noel Sean Noel Sean is a young Telugu actor who was born and >> Read More... , Eesha Rebba Eesha Rebba is also known as Eesha, was born on 19 >> Read More... and herself in the lead role.

Another version of this Bio...

Pujitha Ponnada was born in Vishakhapatnam, India. She is professionally an actress and worked in many Telugu movies. Her family raised her in Chennai where she received her earlier education. She joined an engineering institute from she graduated as a software engineer. After her graduation, she moved to Hyderabad to start her professional career. Srinu Pandranki approached her to play the lead role in his upcoming short film, “Upma Tinesindi” which is the story about a couple who call off their relationship over an Upma, an Indian dish.

The audience loved the romance and comedy of the flick, and the critics appreciated the actor’s efforts. Seeing Fujitha’s work in Upma Tinesindi she received many offers from directors and producers; she even received offers for working in commercials. She grabbed the role in Muntari, where she played the role of the same name as hers. Kumar Nagendra Kumar Nagendra is a versatile Telugu director, who >> Read More... directed this comedy flick. It had Nara Rohit Nara Rohit is a 5'6" South Indian actor, basic >> Read More... and Latha Hedge in the lead roles.

The movie is a fictional one which focuses on a group of five friends who are out on a trekking trip. These five works for an IT firm and visit a forest on the outskirts of the city. They find a sage meditating and try to make fun of him. They ask him to showcase his supernatural abilities and produce a newspaper following the day after Dusshera. They trick him since they know the publication house remains closed on the day, and no papers are generated the next day, but the sage astonishes them when he produces the paper.

All of them are surprised, and they start to read it. Meanwhile, the sage escapes into the forest. They come to know that their company is soon going to shut down, and they find that a guy named Raju, who father works in a BSNL office, is going to participate in a boxing championship and will give away the prize money of Rs 5 crore to all of them. They start looking for this guy and finally find him.

Raju is a careless guy more of a loafer who has no intention of participating in a boxing championship. They all try to convince him to do so and win the competition. Fujitha’s delivered her top-notch performance, and the audience loved her. The critics appreciated her potential and hard work. The film released in 2016. She gives the credit of her career to the time she spent for shooting the short film from which she learned to deal with different kind of people on set. She will next act in Nagarjuna starter, “Oopiri.”


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