Mouryaani is an upcoming South Indian professional actress. She has acted in a handful of movies in the Telugu film industry. Mouryaani is well remembered for her role in the films Gita Govindham which released in the year 2018, Ardhhanaari which hit the theatres in the year 2016 and many more. Having a unique name, when asked for its meaning, Mouryaani explained that Mourya is another name for Goddess Durga. And since Mourya is a boy's name, her parents modified it to Mouryaani. She is born in Karwar in Ankola, Uttara Kannada in Karnataka. Her family has no acting background or any entertainment history, but yet Mouryaani received an offer. The producer of the movie Ardhhanaari is a relative of Mouryaani. When he was on a search for an actress for the project, he got an invitation to one of their family functions.

There, he saw Mouryaani dressed up and chose her as the actress for the project. At first, she was hesitant to take up an acting job, but after listening to the script, she was interested. But her father was opposing. She fought and argued with her father and made him accept. This way she got the role for her debut film. Mouryaani was very much appreciated for her role in the movie Ardhhanaari for her portrayal of a determined character. She learned Telugu by writing in Kannada and reading through all night. She was afraid and nervous at the beginning to start the shoot. Even though many advised her not to take up the role as it is not glamorous, she accepted it as she wanted to showcase her acting skills.

Mouryaani was said to have received a lot of applause during the shoot. She traveled to Paalakullu, Arakku and many other places for the shoot. Being her first experience in acting, the director Naresh was were supportive of her and taught Mouryaani various skills. Of all her movies, Mouryaani likes the role in Ardhhanaari the most as it helped her build confidence and start her career in a new field. If not an actress, Mouryaani aspired to become an IAS officer. As for her personal life, her ideal husband should be very caring and listen to her. Mouryaani says she will be very possessive of her better half. She says she would not even let him go to theatres with his friends. When asked which actor in the industry would be her ideal match, Mouryaani chose actor Pawan Kalyan.