Born and brought up in Calcutta, Hamida Khatoon found her compatibility with the Telugu industry and has made herself a hit with her skill and immense beauty. Her primary education was at the St. Thomas Day School in Calcutta, India. Her path to college was set on the grounds of the Calcutta University of India where she decided to become an actress. With her immense beauty and skill of acting out any role she could ever want, she had the confidence of making hits on the big screens of Tollywood. She currently resides in Hyderabad, India. She strives to give her best for her people who are stunned by her beauty and her talent. She is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Venkatesh Dugabatti. She is a fan of A. R. Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar, Rihanna, and Illaiyaraja as her choice of music.

Her movies in Tollywood include ‘Kathi Lanti Kurradu,’ ‘Ragalahari’ and much more. She also poses as a model for fashion shows and has a variety of opportunities for her beauty. She walked down the ramp at Spa Ceylon Pre-Launch Fashion Show at Hyderabad. Since her childhood, she has shown interests in her looks and grooming. She had always dreamt of modelling, and here she is living her dream. Her beauty is admirable and made her go far enough for everyone to know her for her skill along with her beauty. She eventually concentrated on her path to be chosen in the field of cinema and has set a name for herself amidst competing actors. She has quite some followers decent enough to be as popular as a famous heroine would be.

She is a gift to Tollywood and is hoped to give a number of hits in 2017. She has shown great interests in Babu Bangaram’s films and always finds an opportunity to work with him. Also, she is a great fan of the Indian Cricket team. The Kolkata Knight Riders have been her star team for two reasons. First they are her hometown cricket team and second is because of Shah Rukh Khan who still finds ways to steal numerous hearts, especially among the women. She has been gifted to Tollywood and finds ways to fulfil her wishes through it.