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Telugu Movie Actress Deepa Gowda
  • Gender : Female

Deepa Gowda is an Indian actress, who is predominantly working in Kannada industry. She never had plans to enter this industry, although, her sister Rani Gowda had tried entering the film industry but couldn't get through her break. Deepa had studied Hotel Management and was working in the Hotel when Raghavendra Kumar spotted her and asked her to try acting as she is a tall girl and looks good. Her parents were against it as they wanted her to continue with the job and get settled, but destiny had different plans for her.

She debuted with the movie Just Maduveli, a family entertainer in which she played the role of a village girl. The character was originally for her sister but at that time the movie didn't take place and by the time everything got finalised, she got married and had quit films. Then Deepa auditioned for the role and was selected. She also acted in Last Bus Click to look into! >> Read More... and Jawantlam, Kannada movies and worked in a Tamil film, Salem.


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