Vijay Bharath is a Telugu actor who is charming and has a great personality. He has been in the modeling field and fashion world. In between, he used to visit the shooting spot and had a deep carve within him to grow as a full-fledged actor. It is his friends, and film producers suggested to him to try acting. That is why the actor first had given an audition and got selected. His great future (height) and profound vocal & sound pronunciation of Telugu language is an asset for him. Plus, he has a familiar look that would speak of those characters which can be identified very quickly by local audiences.

The actor says he has a high level of energy within him which makes his capability much better to express any scene rightly. In between his passion for cinema, he also learned the various techniques that are required to face the camera. Vijay Bharath understood the camera angle and light techniques of the camera which are an essential tutorial to evolve as an actor. After gaining all confidence in him, he stepped his feet in Tollywood as a confident actor.

The actor is also a theatre actor has sufficient experience in stage plays. The actor signed his first movie in a Kannada language and then he got one of the hero characters in a Telugu movie too. Thus after acting in two movies, he got an essential character in the film 'Vinodam 100%'. Sriram Murthy directed the film.

Vijay Bharath, Ashwini, Kanchana, and SampoorneshBabu, played the lead roles in the movie. Vijay Bharath said once that the movie was a total family entertainer with a comedy touch. Srinivas Rao Srinivas Rao is a popular TV cum Silver Screen art >> Read More... Srinivas Rao was the producer. Satyam Rajesh Satyam Rajesh is an acclaimed Telugu comedian and >> Read More... Satyam Rajesh , BalireddyPrudhviraj, Jayaparakash Reddy and Posani Krishna Murali Posani Krishna Murali is a Telugu celebrity actor, >> Read More... Posani Krishna Murali in supporting roles.

Vijay Bharath shot the whole movie in three schedules. There are many happy moments he had observed while shooting for this movie. The entire crew supported the actor and he, recalls the Hari Master’s role as a choreographer added a unique feature for the film. Vijay Bharath was thankful to the whole crew and director Sriram Murthy for offering the part. While acting for this movie, Vijaya Bharath got signed for another Telugu project which is yet to be released. The actor is also a theatre actor.

Ryan Rahul Telugu Actor

Ryan Rahul

Ryan Rahul is a young Indian actor from Hyderabad. He celebrates his birthday on 18th April. His star sign is Aries. He is a Tollywood film artist who is famous for hit films such as The Bells (2015), Cine Hall (2017), etc. Rahul is a post-graduate with the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. While he was pursuing his third semester of MBA, he got attracted towards the cinema industry and soon started his first film after his post-graduation. His mother is a housewife and his father is a singer and mining employee. Rahul debuted in the year 2013 and has made it to the top ten prominent and best actors of Tollywood till now. Music Magic (2013) was his first project; he played the character of a rock star in this flick. Initially, Ryan did not get strong support from his family when he entered Tollywood, but his parents were happy and excited after the album release of his movie. His dad received the invitation to the album launch of his film with immense respect and gratitude. All this gradually helped him gain the support from his parents to work further in the industry. They were proud of their son and his success; this helped him acquire more confidence. Rahul calls himself a love failure, because he failed in love and had no crush on any actress (he claimed in an interview). He is very focused on his career at this point in time. Ryan admires Surya and Kamal Hassan’s movies and skills, but he is a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan. He is crazy for Pawan's multi-talented personality and attitude towards his work. Film-makers and viewers started recognizing and appreciating Rahul after Music Magic (2013), by director Manthrakshar. Rahul played a rock star for this film alongside actors like Kimaya, Trinath, and Henna Chopra. He got name and fame from his next movie, The Bells (2015). The English title of this film is to highlight it and give it a fascinating name to grab audience attention. Co-artists of Rahul for this flick were Neha Deshpande, Sadhu Ram Krishna, Midhun and Mimicry Moorthy. Rahul also launched an event in Hyderabad for New Year celebration party named 'Chocolate Boy New Year Celebration 2016-17’. The name precisely suits his charming personality in Tollywood. Later, Ryan came up with a new film this year which is also one of the super hit films of the year, Cine Hall. It is a Telugu drama directed by Laxman Varma including other actresses like Saloni Aswani and Tejaswani Prakash. Rahul likes playing different shades and types of characters in his films. He seeks for versatility and distinctiveness in roles. We all saw his different colors and styles in his roles like romantic, aggressive, emotional, intense, etc. He promised to add more shades to his characters in further movies. Rahul is soon coming with a new project and a new banner called Kala Nilayam Creations. Ali would be his co-actor in the film and Saloni would perform the item song. We wish him lots of luck for his upcoming plans.


Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry

Dhulipala born to the name of Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry was born on 24th September 1921 and deceased on 13th April 2007. She was an Indian film artist and thespian, known for his works mostly in Telugu movies.He was noted for playing mythical roles, mainly the character of Shakuni. He began his drama career at the early age of thirteen. He toiled in about 300 pictures. He shot to reputation with Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam and Bheeshma performing along with N. T. Rama Rao. He has also achieved the Nandi Prize for Best Actor in 1968 for Bandhavyalu. He was born to dad Sri Sankaraiah and mom Smt. Ratnamma of Dachepalli township in Palnadu taluk of Guntur Region, AP, India. He learned till 8th class at Dachepalli. Later completed one year in Sankara Vidyalayam, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh learning Vedas. Consequently, functioned as Advocate's clerk and concurrently entered the stage, initially depicting female individuals. He has been familiarized to film business by his preceptor Mr.Gayudu, who was a famous actor, manager, author, singer, and music creator too. Initially, Mr.Gayudu designated for the role of Bheeshma in the picture Bheeshma and NTR has proposed the part of Duryodhana. But somebody played nasty policymaking by getting the Art Manager of the show Mr.Vali arrested and made a deal with Mr.Gayudu that if he declines the role Bheeshma he has presented and plays the role of Duryodhana in its place, he could get vali publicized. But Mr.Gayudu wasn't ready to accept the deal but for the sake of his acquaintance Mr.Vali, he declined out of the picture saying that my student Dhulipala is sufficient to play Duryodhana. Hence Dhilipala who was prevalent on the stage in the character of Duryodhana as made an entrance with that movie. Mr.Gayudu was the original choice for every leading role in mythical pictures, but his family associates didn't want him to participate the film business as they are frightened after his uncle, the great artist Dommeti Surya Narayana has murdered. So, they cloaked every letter and message that they obtained offering him the chance to function for their shows. Dhulipala has been coached by Mr.Gayudu. ​Dhulipala arrived in the film business in 1960 with the movie Bhishma, representing the role of Duryodhana. He performed in around 300 flicks and won several tributes and prizes.He was a loyal devotee of Hanuman. Stimulated by Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Peetham, he took Sanyas in 2001 and founded Maruthi Ashram at Guntur. He expired on April 13th, 2007. He has two children.

Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry Telugu Actor