Pratani Ramakrishna Goud better known as R.K. Goud is a popular Telugu film actor, director, producer, screenplay writer and film distributor. He is the founder of the production house called R.K. Films, who has produced and directed several films including Sardar Papanna, Swargamlo Ramanna, Jodi No. 1 and more. He is the distributor of films like Bank, Allari Pellam, Target, Gaali Seenu, Sunami, Malli Malli, etc. R. K. Goud also acted in few films such as Jodi No. 1. He first ventured in the 1992 film, Allerapella. After two years, R. K. Goud worked as the Sarpanch of the Mittapalle village in Siddipet Mandal, district of Medak in Telangana State. Before this, he also worked as the CC Bank’s Chairman of Single Window (1985 – 1994) and subsequently became the Vice Chairman of the DCC Bank in Medak.

From 2009 to 2014, he has been a member of the Task Force, Food Industries and as the Secretary of the A. P Film Producers Sector. He has given his best services to the film fraternity and has been an eminent member of the A.P. Film Chamber for more than twenty years. R. K. Goud has acted in over 15 films; produced a total of 32 films; directed five films, and distributed 72 films to his credit. He showed his support in securing the interest of the people who are involved in filmmaking. He has shared a good relationship with K Chandra Sekhar Rao (Chief Minister of Telangana State) for more than two decades. In 2014, he established the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad, who provided the needs of the Telugu films’ Art and Craft.