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Telugu Movie Actor Kasturi Siva Rao
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Kasturi Siva Rao was an Indian Actor, Producer, Director, Comedian and Playback Singer. He acted predominantly in Telugu films. Siva Rao was one of the first superstar comedians that the Indian Film Industry has ever seen. He had agglomerated the following of masses during the peak of his career. Siva Rao was born on 6th March 1913 in Kakinada Andhra state (Now Andhra Pradesh) in the British-ruled India. His father’s name was Kasturi Krishnanandan and mother’s name was Kasturi Ramamma. He always dreamt about working in the movie industry.

Siva Rao entered the film industry during the silent film era as a Voice Actor. He used to narrate the contemporary silent films. Besides, Siva Rao was also a projector operator. His face was peculiar looking, and his talking style was humorous too. By the twist of fate, He made his first appearance in big screen with social-reformist movie Vara Vikrayam (1939). His comic antics in 1941 film Chudamani won over the audience, and Siva Rao started to get recognition.

However, his performances in Swarga Seema (1945) and Bala Raju (1948) made him a household name in Andhra Pradesh. His comic timing blew the critics away, with many hailing him as a superstar. Swarga Seema became the first Telugu film to feature at any foreign film festivals, and Bala Raju became the first film to hit silver jubilee hit in the Telugu movie Industry. Due to his splendid performances his fan following kept on increasing, and which made him the face of South Indian Cinema.

Rumours say that the fans mobbed him whenever he appeared in public. Siva Rao’s most celebrated moment in his career came when he took the turn to become a hero in the 1949 fantasy-romance film Guna Sundari Katha. Rao portrayed the role of a cursed king in the film who is supposedly deaf, mute and blind under the curse. The movie proved to be a huge hit and Rao’s mannerism, and dialogues became very popular among the audience. Rao then bought a rare ‘Buick’ car and received enormous applause from his fans whenever he went through the road. Siva Rao later directed & produced the film Paramanandaiah Sishyulu in 1950. Although the movie earned critical acclaim, it bombed at the box-office.

Later that year, he attracted criticism for using explicit words in the film Sri Lakshamma Katha with some critics blaming him for spreading unhealthy trend among the youth. Siva Rao’s popularity started to decrease among the masses with the rise of new comedians like Relangi. Siva Rao started doing theatres and had to sell his car. Ironically, he passed away while performing in a theatre in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh and his body remained unrecognized for three days. That is how the life of a faded superstar ended. Nevertheless, he married Shakuntala Kasturi and they had seven children together. Their married life was blissful and happy.


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