Bhupal Raju is a Telugu actor. He made his entry into the cine field through the Telugu movie ‘Toliparchayam’. Also, he has done a role in the film ‘ Pilla Zamindar’. Bhupal Raju’s nativity is Hyderabad. He underwent his primary education in Nalanda School, Hyderabad.

He started getting more interest in acting. He joined the film institute in Mumbai and completed a course. He had received movie chance with help from his father. Bhupal Raju has also done negative roles in movies. He maintains a daily routine apart from his shooting. He is a go-getter and discusses movies with much interest. He has gone way ahead learning the nuances of acting by watching his other friends act in movies. 

Bhupal Raju does not dream of doing any particular role. He accepts offers that come his way. He is a multifaceted personality with credentials as comedian, hero, villain and supporting actor. He also commented that he is ready to make even a small appearance if the character is worthy. Actor Venkatesh is the role model for Bhupal Raju. Bhupal and actor Venkatesh meet often. Venkatesh accompanies Raju even to the gym. 

He had given tips to Raju regarding dance moves. When asked about his work in Tamil film industry, Bhupal lauded the Tamil artists for their dedication. According to him, doing Tamil movies is more difficult as the Tamil artists put in plenty of effort and concentration. Tamil actors do not even exchange words in between shots till the work is over. 

Bhupal Raju has said that he is satisfied with doing Telugu movies. Raju’s ambition is to be a good actor and expects appreciation from all quarters. Telugu movie Betting Bangara Raju in which Bhupal Raju shared the screens space turned a hit. After the movie, the demand for the actor rose. Also, he earned name and fame for his supporting character role in Telugu movie ‘Mr. Perfect’.

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas Telugu Actor

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas

Bellamkonda is known for acting and modeling in Indian film industry. He has a father named Bellamkonda Suresh and a mother, Bellamkonda Padma. He also has a brother named Bellamkonda Sai Ganesh who is an upcoming producer in the film industry. His father is a very well known producer in films that are in Telugu language and own a production company named Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions. Sreenivas did his debut role when he appeared in a movie that was released in the year 2014 which was named Alludu Seenu and it was produced by his father. It was an action and comedy genre film and he plays the role of Alludu Seenu which if translated to English is Son in- law Seenu. This movie proved to be a blockbuster at the box office and was welcomed with warm appreciations. B. Sreenivas has done his education from Lee Strasberg Theater and Acting Institute where he got his degree in Acting which was in Los Angeles, United States of America. He further brushed his acting skills when he attended Barry John Acting Studio which was in Mumbai. Apart from his courses in acting, Sreenivas is also a professionally trained martial artist and training in stunts from Vietnam. Bellamkonda Sreenivas is now giving his time to an untitled movie in which he will appear soon with Sonarika Bhadoria. This movie will be directed by Bhimaneni Srinivas Rao. This film shall be Sreenivas’ second project in his career that he will be working on. His performance in his first movie was widely appreciated and was lauded with awards for the best debut performance. He received a 4th South Indian International Movie Award for the Best Debut Actor. Another award that he got to his name which further applauded his performance was a Filmfare Award South for the Best Debut Male. 


Bishnu Adhikari

Who is in good shape in the record of Tollywood? Rana Dagubatti, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Gopi Chand orManchu Manoj? Whoever it is, all these actors are seen with a six-pack in the latest movie. These actors work hard to get that ripped boy image. However, there is one actor who has a muscular body and powerful muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Lee even. He is none other than Bishnu Adhikari. Bishnu Adhikari is one of the best actors who is in good shape always to grace a movie screen. He does not appear in many movies in any particular order of six-pack. Since he is a natural bodybuilder, he is always open to sharing all secrets of his fit body to any enthusiast who wants to build a frame like him. Apart from acting, heroes always have wanted to show their new look to everyone. All actors wish to build 6-pack, be it Aamir Khan or Suriya or Ajith or Salman Khan. Nevertheless, here is an actor who is a natural bodybuilder and can be indeed a Telugu body builder superstar. He is undoubtedly Bishnu Adhikari. Our Indian action movies do require big action movie stars and Tollywood or Bollywood to has a shortage of leading actors willing to appear as a superhuman size to perform the fight scenes. It is right to mention that Arnold Schwarzenegger showed the actors how one could make a leap from bodybuilding to the big screen. Bishnu Adhikari is not just a fitness freak; he is an actor and a singer also. He has a Masters degree in Construction management. He is now trying for greener pastures in his career. The body builder-cum-singer is now making his Kollywood debut in the film 'Ek' which will hit the silver screen soon. In his upcoming movie, he plays the role Siddharth who gets caught between mafia politician’s nexus. In the movie 'Ek', he has sung a song ‘Ra Cheliya,’ and is making his debut both as an actor and singer in the movie. Bishnu Adhikari had always wanted to become an actor. However, since he had no film background, he tried to complete his education first. He has always desired to be an element of the film industry, idolized the Hollywood actors and has stated that he is strongly inspired by Hollywood movies and its stars. He is very passionate about bodybuilding and did a lot of hard work to maintain his body. Inspired by Hollywood actors and films, he also wanted to become like them. As he tried to fulfill his parent's dream, he left for the US to complete his construction management studies. Bishnu Adhikari is the first Indian athlete who is running a supplementary company. The actor is likely to release a dance video from the film 'Ek', which will prove that the actor can sing and dance as well. At present, he is expected to have high hopes in the film industry. He is also releasing his fitness apparel brand 'Superhero fitness apparel''. Harik Krishna is the screenwriter and producer of the upcoming movie ‘Ek’. Chakravarthy Ghanapaati is the cinematographer and Sampath Rudrarapu is the director. Music is by Mantra Anand. Editor of the film is Nandamuri Hari.

Bishnu Adhikari Telugu Actor