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Tarun Shetty Telugu Actor

Tarun Shetty

Tarun Shetty is a film actor who works in Tollywood. Tarun's latest movie is “Meeku Mere Maaku Meme,” which was released in June 2016. Tarun was born on August 15 th in Laconia, New Hampshire, USA and his current location is Hollywood, California, United States. Tarun is a famous personality in the film industry, and he was trending with his upcoming movies in 2017-2018. Tarun is an actor, producer, writer, and philanthropist. Tarun likes to write and act in funny things. He was Americanized, but his parents were Catholics. Despite being born and brought up in the United States, Tarun and his parents made long trips to India and allowed him to explore his roots. The comedy in Tarun’s life started at the early age of 8, when one day he suddenly fell from a flight of stairs. At that time people around him instead of helping, started laughing at him, which made him realize his comedic value. At the age of 12, instead of doing his homework, he drew comedy sketches, and one day he sent all those sketches to TV shows. But no one else showed interest in hearing a 12 year old boy. Tarun’s profession is to entertain the world using wit and humor, and he enjoys doing it too. Tarun has worked at the New York Comedy Club. Later he worked at the Boston comedy club and made his first television show on Nickelodeon's ‘Laugh Out Loud’. Tarun’s first performance was at the New York Film Festival and the performance got a positive response with massive encouragement from different people. In 2004, Tarun signed for a Bollywood program, ‘Showbiz India Extreme.’ At present he is the producer and host for a program called ‘Desi’. Tarun always plans trips and tours to visit different countries, to be in touch with fans, whenever he can. Tarun always says that “making people laugh is a talent.” Tarun likes Bollywood, but he doesn’t want to get into it. His dream is to be a prosperous man in the United States. Whether he is a Writer or a Comedian, he’s answer is “I am a Comedian, to express my views and to make people laugh, I should write scripts that people can understand, what exactly my views are, if my writing skills were poor, I wouldn’t have succeeded in my life as a comedian, writer, and actor".


Santosh Sobhan

Santosh Sobhan is an actor by profession. His debut film name was “Thanu Nenu” which was directed by P Ram Mohan, and Santosh played the lead role in the movie. At the time of promotion of the film in Hyderabad, Santosh said that Avika Gor is a great actress.The movie was made in the genre of romantic comedy. Santosh Sobhan played the role of Kiran in this movie. Santosh falls in love with Keerthi (role of this character was played by Avika Gor), and express his love. The role of Santosh in the movie is that of a today’s guy. Santosh Sobhan has completed his graduation in Mass Communication. Santosh has completed his studies in Theater Arts from Christ University situated in Bangalore. He has also played many supporting roles. His father name was “Sobhan” who is no more. It was his dream to see his son “Santosh” as an actor. That is why Santosh became an actor to fulfill his father’s dream. His get passion for cinema from his father. Currently, he is looking for a good role. Santosh was very confident that the subject of the film named “Thanu Nenu” would be liked by the audiences. During a summer vacation, Santosh met Ram Mohan P. Ram Mohan P was looking for a guy to play a lead role in his movie. So, Santosh Sobhan gave audition for the role. After that, they did a work shop for one week because Ram Mohan P liked his performance. This is how he bagged a role in this movie and played the role of Kiran. The role played by Santosh was that of a Kiran in the movie. Santosh’s character in the movie is not ambitious. He hates NRI, and America as well. Along with this, he hates caste feelings and being disciplined. Instead, he has philosophies different from others about the concept of proposing and love. His father was a director and has given many hit films like “Varsham.” Santosh Sobhan is passionate about acting since his childhood and always concentrated on being an actor. Santosh Sobhan is hungry for success and wants to achieve greater heights. In the year 2015, he has started his career, and continue to move forward till now.

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