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Telugu Lyricist Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry
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Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry was a lyricist and a writer in the Indian film industry. He works predominantly in the Telugu film industry. He was born on 16 June 1905 in Chinnaguduru which is in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India. His family migrated to Bandar which is in Machilipatnam when he was a child. He completed his bachelor’s degree in the field of arts from the place Machilipatnam only and later pursued M. A. in the languages Telugu and Sanskrit from the state of Madras. He also learned many Vedas from a person named Yadavalli Subbavadhanulu, Brahmasutras from a person named Sistla Narasimha, and Nori Subramanya Sastry taught him Mahabhashyam. He was a very knowledgeable individual and knew more than 50 variety of languages. His work in the field of literature includes Chavala Miriyalu, Krishnateeram, Tejomurthulu, Aa Ee Vu R, Baala, Kshetrayya, Keligopalam, Safety Razor, and Gopidevi.

He wrote more than 150 songs and worked in an approximate of 50 movies. Malladi worked in many films as a lyricist during his lifetime. Some of those were Chinna Kodalu Chinna Kodalu is an Indian Television family drama >> Read More... in 1952, Palle Paduchu in 1954, “Jayasimha, Kanyasulkam, and Rechukka” in 1955, “Charanadasi, Chiranjeevulu, Sri Gowri Mahatmyam, and Sontavooru” in 1956. In the film “Chinna Kodalu,” he wrote the lyrics for the songs titled Pillanagrovi Paatakaada, Chellenaa Yintatito, Raaraado Raachilakaaa, Goppagoppolla Logillinindaa, Jo Vayaarigade, Aasalu Bangaru Andalalekkayi, Paruve Baruvaayegaa, Chinnela Vannela, Kadali Pongule, Ee Naadllina Katha (Anarkali Rupakam), and Ee Chaduvinte Kada. The music director of this film was Aswathama. In “Palle Paduchu,” he worked with the music director M. S. Ramarao and wrote the lyrics of the song named “Eru Navvindoyi.”

In Jayasimha, he was the writer of the song “Nadireyi Gadichene Cheliyaa” along with the popular music director T. V. Raju. In movie “Kanyasulkam,” he penned down the song titled “Chitaaru Kommana Mithayi Potla.” In “Rechukka,” the songs Ekkadidi Andam, Sogasemo Manasemo, Etu Choochina Bootakale, Aye Sambarame, Neesari Neevenamma, Ayyo Bangaru Saami, Bale Bale Paavuramma, and Ontarontarigaa Poyedaanaa were written by him. He also wrote the lyrics of Eedaya Chalunuraa Krishnaa with the music director S. Rajeswara Rao and Kanupaapa Karuvaina Kanulenduko with Ghantasala from the movies Charanadasi and Chiranjeevulu respectively. In “Sri Gowri Mahatmyam,” he was the writer for the songs Sraminchu Maa Talli, Vallona Sikkindiraa Pitta, Ambaa Mangalagauri, Taaraa Reraajaa, Neevakkadaa Nenikkadaa, Shiva Manohari, Bale Bale Garadi. Unfortunately, he died on 12th of September in 1965 due to Cerebral hemorrhage which occurred because of Hypertension.


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