Neelakanta Reddy

Other names of Neelakanta Reddy: G. Neelakanta Reddy, G Neelakanta Reddy
Neelakanta Reddy Telugu Actor
Other Skills

Neelakanta, a Telugu film director, and screenwriter, hails from Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh and since his childhood had a keen interest in the direction which led him to migrate to Chennai with the completion of his graduation. He has been awarded twice with National Awards, one for Best Screenplay and other for feature film “Show.”. Neelakanta always wanted to make films that depict a balance between Art and Commerce which is materialized with “Show” followed with “ Missamma 20th November 2011 was the release date for Missam >> Read More... Missamma .”

Missamma won Nandhi Awards. Various films involving Neelakanta as a director were “Sadaa Mee Sevalo”, ”Mr.Medhavi”, and ”Nandanavanam.” Nandanavanam got him huge critical acclaim. However, in 2010, he directed “Virodhi” and got the best dialogue writer award for this film. He also penned dialogues for a Telugu remake of a Hindi hit A Wednesday. Lately, he directed “ Maaya Maya is an Indian Supernatural thriller aired on S >> Read More... Maaya .”

Neelakanta once said that iconic director K Balachander inspired him to enter into the film industry. In fact, his films also have a Balachander "touch". Neelakanta doesn't prefer inserting comedy scenes just for the sake of it. Neelakanta’s journey in film Industry has been with lots of up and downs. He got National Awards twice and later got a lot of critical acclaims. Neelakanta asks the wannabe directors to dream a lot.