Vijay C Kumar Telugu Actor
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Vijay C. Kumar is a Telugu cinematographer. He is famous for receiving a Nandi Award for the film Godavari. He is critically acclaimed for his lighting techniques, visualization, tele-focus shots, use of natural colours, balancing depth of focus between the subject and the object, and other techniques. Vijay is the son of the famous cinematographer C. Nageswara Rao and C. Sanadhana. When Vijay was only seven years old, Nageswara died at the age of forty two. His mother had him follow Nageswara’s footsteps by enlisting him in the outdoor unit of Sarada Enterprises, now known as Anand Cine Services, at the age of thirteen as an apprentice.

For eight years Vijay worked under several cinematographers in both the Hindi and Telugu film industries like S. Venkataratnam, V. S. R. Swami, Baba Azmi Sayyid Baba Azmi was born in Mumbai, India. He is >> Read More... Baba Azmi , Ehsaan Arya, Behran Mukherjee, Shomandar Roy, S. Gopal Reddy, S. S. Lal, Navi Kanth Nagaich and many others. These eight years formed the basis on which Vijay developed his cinematography techniques through practical experience. In 1984, Lok Singh Lok Singh is an Indian cinematographer, who has ma >> Read More... Lok Singh recruited Vijay as an operating cameraman in the film Vijetha. Vijay also worked as a camera person in Swarna Kamalam, Magaderudu, Subha Lekha, Yama Kinkarudu, Pasi Vadu Pramnam and Rakshashudu. In 1988, Vijay debuted as a cinematographer in Jaya Krishna’s block-buster film Vivaah Bhojanambu under director Jandhyala, with whom Vijay also worked on Neeku Naaku Pellanta in the same year.

His work in Agraham and Ammoru further developed him as a cinematographer in terms of his techniques. In 2006, Vijay won the Nandi Award for the Best Cinematographer for the film Godavari directed by Sekhar Kammula Sekhar Kammula or Kumar Sekhar Kammula is a direct >> Read More... Sekhar Kammula . Vijay first worked with Sekhar in the movie Dollar Dreams for which Sekhar won the Best Director award at the 47th National Film Festival. Ever since then, the two have collaborated in almost all of Sekhar’s films, including the previously mentioned, like Anand, Happy Days, Life is Beautiful and Anamika.

Vijay is working on Sekhar’s latest Telugu project Fidaa. The 2014 film Anamika was a remake of the Bollywood movie Kahaani. Anamika was dubbed in Tamil as Nee Engae En Anbe. Vijay’s other successful projects include Samanyudu, Dil, Andhrudu, Bachelors, Jai Bhajaranga Bhali and many others. In 1990, he also worked unofficially in producer Shyam Prasad’s Ankusham in place of the original cinematographer K. S. Hari, who was unable to complete his project. Vijay also worked in Kanna