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Velmurugan is a Tamil actor cum director cum producer. He came from a family with a political background and had involved in politics at his young age. His debut movie as an actor was " Autograph AUTOGRAPH (FIVE FINGERS) is a serial that revolves >> Read More... " and as a director was "Nesam Pudhusu.” The movie was famous for its Vadivelu comedy, "Kaiya Pudichi iluthiya. .. Enna Kaiya Pudichi iluthiya?”, which still serves as a resource for meme creators in the southern states. Though the movie and the comedy scenes are quite famous among people, he is not.

People recognize him as an actor, but not as a director. When asked about his absence in social media, he says, "I never felt like I have done anything great to want people to know about me." His recent direction, "Evan di unna pethan” (meaning : who gave birth to you) is an upcoming Tamil movie featuring Raghu, Praveen and Imman Annachi Imman Annachi is one of the most popular televisio >> Read More... as lead characters. When asked about his entry into the film industry, he says that it was Mr.K.Bhagyaraj, a Tamil actor who inspired him to choose this field.

He says that he always had immense love for his works. He shows director A.Jagannathan as his Guru, under whom he worked as assistant director for about 4 or 5 films. In script writing, Velmurugan and his colleague Raja Gopal share an unbreakable partnership. It was this duo, who made us laugh in those golden Goundamani, Senthil comedies. He says that most of the comedy scenes by him are inspired by real life experiences. The epic character by Vadivelu being the head of Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam is a Tamil televisio >> Read More... in the movie winner is also inspired by his own life.

He was born in Thiruponnam of Sivagangai district, Tamil Nadu. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam was the name of his Kabaddi team there. It was a group of naughty boys who never ran out of problems. He imparted his experiences in the team into the film. It's been years since the launch of the film but still the dialogue “Intha kota thandi neeyum varapdathu Nanum varamaten” (meaning : you will not go beyond this line and I will not come) is used by youngsters. We can say that Velmurugan is the reason behind the trolls used today, it would be right to call him the troll maker.

He is also the scriptwriter of Nandini, a famous serial telecasted in Sun TV. It is a story of a snake waiting to take revenge on a household. Though the serial had a lot of controversies regarding the ownership of the script, it became successful. Though he was remarkably successful in his field, though we know and love his works, most of us don't know him. Hope this post gives at least an outline of his works.


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