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A. V. Ramanan

A.V Ramanan is a very popular Television host, singer and actor as well. He hosts Tamil TV shows most of the time. A.V. Ramanan’s full name is Aravamudan Vekata Ramanan. He used to host a program named Saptha Swarangal of the very popular channel named Sun TV. A.V Ramanan is a very amazing singer as well he is singing songs from last 34 years. His choice of music is outstanding; he has as his listeners all the age groups. He has a very powerful, loud, clear and cheerful voice which spread happiness all around and the audience automatically gets attracted towards him. For every singer, presentation matters a lot and he knows how to do it how to present his songs and himself in a way that people go crazy about it. He has done the show named Kalaivanar Arangam and it was amazing. This show happened because of the 10th anniversary of Saravana Kalai Mandram and it was beautiful celebration with his voice. Everyone has different taste in music, therefore, Ramanan choose music according to all the people and they never get bored whenever he sings. He has something for all the age groups and they also enjoy it a lot. He has a habit of talking, walking and joking which creates an amazing atmosphere and people get to cheer up and then slowly and gradually he starts singing. He is a very energetic person and has a very jolly mood, therefore, audience like him a lot. A.V Ramanan’s wife’s name is Uma Ramanan; sometimes she also used to attend his programs with him and she used to cheer him up from the crowd itself. He does not have any particular genre; he is comfortable with all kinds of songs. He has done a movie named Boys and did an amazing job in it. He is very good as an actor as well. Some of his major and very popular albums are Neerottam, Jaya Jaya Sankara and Sri Venkatesa Suprabatham & Paadalkal and much more. His very popular songs are Sri Venkatan in the year 2000, Yen Cherllaperu Apple in the year 2007. A.V Rahman has got a very amazing voice and this is a blessing for him. He makes many people smile with his lovely voice.

A. V. Ramanan Tamil Actor