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Sara Shetty Tamil Actress

Sara Shetty

Sara Shetty is an Indian actress and model. She works primarily in the Tamil film industry. She made her feature film debut with Ayyanar Veethi which is a 2017 released Tamil movie. Sara plays the lead role in the Tamil Drama. Ayyanar Veethi is a family drama filled with sentiments, suspense, and dramaturgy. Gipsy N Rajkumar is the director of the movie. It is his debut movie. The film has Sara Shetty and Yuvan Khan in lead roles. The plot of the movie circles around the differences and animosity between the two families. The movie begins with Bhagyaraj, a priest and his childhood friend, Ponvannan. Sara Shetty plays the role of Bhagyaraj's daughter. In the film, she is a college student. Yuvan, who is the hero of the talkie also studies in the same college. Later in the movie, it is seen that Yuvan is in love with Sara while she pays no heed to his feelings. Thus, the motion picture comes out to be the same as all other family conflict movies of the age. It revolves around the themes of rivalry, betrayal, cunning, and the impossible love. The film turned out to be a huge flop. Critics considered it as a movie with nothing but foolery. Sara Shetty plays an insignificant role in the movie. Her role as described by many critics is very mundane. In the film, she is just a young college student who is at the receiving end of Yuvan's romantic advances. She plays the role of a coy maiden who is seen to have no interest in the hero's love for her. Sara's role in Ayyanar Veethi is restricted and similar to the roles of all other heroines in such family dramas. The role of the damsel in distress actress is epitomized in the song, Ponnungala Poruthavara, where Yuvan chases Sara in their college premises. She is seen running away from him throughout the song. Thus, it becomes apparent that Sara Shetty in her debut film makes no considerable impact at the screen. The banality of her role is worsened by the poor cinematography and direction of the movie. Sara Shetty's debut film did not receive much recognition and as a result of the failure of the movie even her acting skills were not given much esteem. But, as Confucius says, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail."