Akstara is a Tamil actress who appeared in the 2015 venture Oru Thozhan Oru Thozhi.

Divya Parameshwaran

Divya is an Indian model, who has made a name in various renowned advertisements as well as movies. She is very widely known for her beauty and has many accomplishments. Unlike a lot of other artists, she has had a great education. She has an engineering degree from a recognised college.Soon after college, she decided to plunge into the extremely competitive field of modeling.. It was a difficult path, but Divya fought for her dream and came out successful. She has walked the ramp with many experienced and leading designers in the country. She also participated in the 2008 Miss India Worldwide India. She finished as the first runner -up, closely after Shagun Sarabhai. The event took place in Gurgaon. She gained attention in the very beginning of her career in television, for a saree advert, for Kalamandir. Soon, everybody was wondering who she was. After this, the path was on its way up for Divya. The number of advertisements she has been on is innumerable. She was endorsed by many of the acclaimed ads seen on TV. Some of them are Rin, Prestige Mixer, Dove Shampoo, Sun DTH, Hamam Soap,and so on. The most memorable of her ads,are the Brooke Bond ads. There was a national poll, in which she won as the most recognizable face on television. Most of us have seen her. She is everywhere. After an audition in 2010, she was selected to play the main love interest, Papalagi, in Thyagarajan’s epic movie, Ponnar Shankar. She played the lover of Ponnar who was played by the actor Prashanth. It is an epic drama movie, which is a fictional account of the book by M.Karunanidhi, of the same name..Divya plays a princess. Her co-actress of the film,is another debut actress Pooja Chopra. When asked in an interview, if she felt threatened that she has to share screen time with another actress, she promptly replied saying, she loved working with the star and that they bonded over many things. She said that she had been approached by filmmakers before, but this was one project that caught her attention. She was extremely passionate about the project. She had been notified about the cinema, by an ad agency in Mumbai. The director wanted to meet her. She said that everything happened very fast, and soon she was in. On being asked about her on-screen love interest, Prashanth, she said he was very energetic, and took care of every small detail. She also thoroughly enjoyed working with senior actors like Jayaram, Sneha, Nasser and Khushbu. She had also been asked if she would give up on television after the movie. But she cut down the rumors, by saying that she loves commercials. She says it is a challenge to express many emotions, in such less time.

Divya Parameshwaran Tamil Actress