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Akriti Sachdev

Akriti Sachdev was born in September, 1989 at Chennai, India. She is a make-up artist, trainer, blogger, YouTube vlogger and an enthusiast by profession. She owns a make-up blog, brand and a franchise named “Mesmereyes make-up” established all by her. It was in the year 2010, that she completed her graduation from University of Manchester, Manchester, England in the subject of International Business. While studying over there, she got excited by the concept of beauty and how to enhance it, so she decided to pursue being a make-up artist as her main-stream career and hence joined MAC in the year 2010. She used to be a carefree person or a “tomboy” during her childhood. While she was in Manchester, the thing that used to trigger her the most was how people spend so much of time on a daily basis on their dressing and make-up, just to look good. After some time she started enjoying the process of getting ready for a party or a night out. She discovered that it is very important to take care of your heath and skin to look good. When she decided to become a make-up artist, no one except her family and close friends supported her but, she believes that only that support was enough for her to clear all the obstacles in her way. She believes that power of make-up is amazing and a few strokes of make-up brush can enhance the beauty and appearance. When she started making and uploading videos of her make-up on the social networking channel ‘YouTube,’ brands started recognizing her as a blogger and social media influencer. She wanted to start her venture to spread the knowledge that she has and hence created her YouTube channel “Mesmereyes Make-up” by adding the word “eyes” to the word “Mesmerize” as she loved doing eye make-up. She launched it on October 11, 2011. She always feels that YouTube is the biggest platform where she can connect to women globally and share her knowledge and help them to look beautiful. She always set short-term goals to chase and challenges herself to improve. She also decided that she would launch her make-up brushes line in 5 years so to achieve that she started teaching make-up professionally. She introduced her line of 18 shades and glitters that matched the Indian skin tones. Soon she started contacting brush manufacturing companies and did some savings to make her dream come true. Finally on 9th March, 2016 the first package of her line of make-up brushes arrived, and she fulfilled her dream.

Akriti Sachdev Tamil Actress