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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Maddam Sasu Dhaddam Sun is a Marathi television series based on the humorous relationship of Saas-Bahu. This serial depicts the constant bickering between a high-class mother-in-law and a middle-class daughter-in-law. The story unfolds with Abhishek's confession of his love in front of his parents for Snehal. Snehal is a poor girl with a drastic lifestyle difference. Abhishek's mother insults Snehal's family, so he tries to persuade her. Snehal offered to tie the knot without their parents' consent, to which he agreed. The Mother-in-law is named Vrushali, who is furious with their decision and doesn't let Sneha enter the house. She doesn't accept her as a daughter-in-law.

Vrushali asks Sneha to prepare a non-vegetarian dish as she knows Sneha is vegetarian. Sneha makes a vegetarian dish and tries to fool her. Vrushali gets excited about meeting the chief minister, and she wants to communicate with him in a regional language, Marathi. As she needs time to learn, she makes Sneha do all the house chores. Sneha challenges her to speak Marathi fluently. This comedy series shows that Vrushali suspected that Sneha planned to murder her because she heard her talking to her mother suspiciously. Will Vrushali's misunderstanding ever be gone? Will she accept Sneha as her daughter-in-law?


Amey Wagh Marathi TV-Actor
DOB: 13 November 1987
Amey Wagh
Ashok Shinde Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 1 January 1976
Ashok Shinde
Radhika Apte Marathi Movie Actress
DOB: 7 September 1985
Radhika Apte
Ankush Choudhari Marathi Actor
DOB: 31 January 1977
Ankush Choudhari
Swapnil Joshi Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 18 October 1977
Swapnil Joshi
Shriram Lagoo Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 16 November 1927
Shriram Lagoo