Darshana Rajendran is a Theatre Artist and an actress from Chennai. She was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She works primarily in the Malayalam film industry. As a teenager, she had a keen interest in Theatre and music.

During her college days, Darshana learned Hindustani music. She worked as an active member of the music society of her college. She completed her Bachelors in Mathematics from LSR, DU. After completing her Masters in Financial Economics from City University, London, she started working with IFMR Rural Channels and Services Private Limited.

But, her job could never satiate her passion for arts and Theatre. Thus, she quit her job to become an actress. Initially, she worked with various Theatre groups in Chennai such as Theatre Y, Evam, and The Little Theatre. After working as a Theatre Artist for as long as three years, Darshana stepped into the Malayalam cinema with "John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu," 2014 released Malayalam Drama.

In the film, Darshana plays the role of Anna, the sister of the protagonist. Very few people know that Darshana made her first appearance in the films with "Naale" in which she starred opposite to Fahad Fazil. In 2015, she played a cameo in the Tamil movie, " Moone Moonu Varthai Click to look into! >> Read More... ."

The movie was a Comedy directed by Madhumita. The actress was later seen in the 2017 Comedy Thriller, " Kavan Click to look into! >> Read More... ." The movie centers its actions around the harsh truths of the media industry. In the film, Darshana plays the character of Kalpana, a social activist. The actress currently starred in " Maayanadhi Click to look into! >> Read More... ," a Malayalam Romantic film.

The film was a box office hit and gained Darshana great fame and fortune. The film and now even the actress is known for the nostalgic balcony scene, where the actress is seen singing "Baawra Mann," a song originally from the movie, "Hazaaron Khwaishein Aesi." The actress considers herself to be the 'Bawra' girl. As an ardent lover of Hindustani music and as a singer herself, Darshana loves the song. She recalls the time when she first heard the song in her college and developed an immediate love for it.

She even gave the song her voice in a YouTube video which she uploaded after the movie. It is safe to say that the movie, the balcony scene, and precisely the song doubled her fan-followers. Along with all her passions and interests, she also is a very big fan of fairytales, and she loves reciting stories to children. The talented actress during her years of working as a Theatre Artist held various storytelling workshops for kids.

Sebastian Kunjukunju Bhagavathar Malayalam Actor

Sebastian Kunjukunju Bhagavathar

Sebastian Kunjukunju Bhagavathar was born in Alappuzha, Kerala on 9th February 1901. He is a theater actor by profession and is also a singer and has also published many books. His father is Pollayii Vincent, and his mother is Margarita. He received his primary education from Alappuzha and later joined Leo XIII School there for higher education. He started to take acting seriously when he participated in drama and skits at St. Albert’s High School. With his involvement in drama and singing, he did not pay attention to studies, and his interest developed in performing on stage. Sebastian’s debut flick “Gnanambika” hit the theaters in 1940. S. Nottani directed the flick, and it did not prove to be a great stepping stone for Sebastian since he went unnoticed, and it did not create any magic on the audience. T K Jayaraman composed the music for it. In 1951, his next film, “Jevithanouka” released. The story is about Soman, who lost his parents at an early stage and is brought up by his brother, Raju and his wife, Janu. Soman loves Lakshmi, but she belongs to a lower cast and is afraid to marry her thinking about the villagers. Despite numerous thoughts, he marries Lakshmi, but the villagers don’t like this decision. Lakshmi is pregnant, and Soman decides to visit the city in search for a job. She delivers the baby while he is away. In the city, Soman meets with a car accident with a rich and drunk girl. She takes him with her and offers him the job of her manager. Soman starts writing to Lakshmi and also starts sending money to her, but Janu receives all this and not a thing is informed to Lakshmi. Worried Lakshmi goes to the city to search for her husband and once she sees him with the girl who is his employer, she assumes that they both are having an affair. Lakshmi starts an organization where she directs plays and skits in a theater. As time passes, Lakshmi and Soman get the things sorted between them, and Janu, who played against them, becomes a beggar and Lakshmi comes to know about her while she sees her acting on stage and thus brings her back with her. Sebastian’s other works include ‘Navalokam’, Sheriyo Thetto, ‘Minnalppadayaali’, Vidhi Rihanna Vilaku, etc. Sebastian Kunjukunju Bhagavathar married ‘Marykutty’ in 1923, and he gives her the credit for his prospering progress in his work. She remained beside him and supported him throughout.