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Ardhra Sajan is the first Lady Beatboxer born on 10th December 2001 in Kollam, Kerala. She is the first Female Fluteboxer in India and a Malayalam Musician at Age 21. She is the daughter of Sajan Veloor, a Businessman, and Deepa Sajan, a Teacher, and She has a brother, a Btech Software Developer and The CEO of TikTik. Ardhra Sajan completed her primary Education at Sabagiri English School, MGM School, then shifted to Emirates National School, Sharjah in UAE, and her Higher studies at Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya, St Johns Model HSS. She has contributed her Music Talent and Acting skills in several movies such as Veil, Shane Nigam Shane Nigam is a Malayali actor. He is the son of >> Read More... , and, Aaha and many short films.

Ardhra Sajan accomplished huge success in Beatboxing and is a part of the Biggest stage shows in India and abroad in Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil. Her first step in her career journey was participating in Mimicry and singing competitions in school days, winning many Competitions and state Kalolsavam. She was also the Arts Club secretary in her school days. She also Came on Television in comedy utsavam in Flowers T.v, Asianet comedy stars, and Red carpet in Amrita T.V. Ardhra is Popular and got Verified on Social media apps like Tiktok and Instagram. In the Year 2018, she got recognized and received awards for her Talents and in TV shows. Mostly the awards like the Guinness World Record, the Miss Kerala Digital Star Award, the State Kalolsavam winner, etc.., Worked with Many Musicians, Acted in certain films and short films.

She had done a Musical, First Beatbox cover in Kerala alongside playback singer Vidhu Pratap. Ardhra Sajan learned the Art of Beatboxing for three months by watching videos of Australian Beatboxer Tom Thum, Inspired by him. She also followed Adarsh Chettan, Indian Beatboxer from Kerala. Ardhra Sajan says that - Anyone can learn Beatboxing, as it is all about dedication and breath control, tongue, larynx, Mouth, and lips which are the important keys in the art of Beatboxing.

She said that To be a Beatboxer, we don’t have to learn the music but should have a sense of Rhythm. As there were no women Fluteboxers in the country, Ardhra Sajan thought of giving it a try and became the first women Fluteboxer after getting inspired by Bangalore-based Sudhir R. Nowadays, Ardhra is hosting Sakalakalal, a live session for the rising talents on her Instagram page.


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