Sai Balan is a Malayalam song composer well-known for his work as a composer in the movie “Vazhiyariyaathe.” Sai Balan was born in 1977 in Calicut, India. He completed his schooling from Meppayur Higher Secondary School, Calicut. Sai Balan was into music since his childhood. When he was young, he used to learn singing from his mother, and later when he grew up, he started taking singing lessons from a professional music teacher at his locality.

He also used to learn singing from his teacher at the school. Sai Balan also used to sing in functions held at his society, and was also the member of the music group at his school. While he was in his school, he used to take part in various singing competitions. He has won a lot of them and got appreciations for his voice. His music teacher used to train him personally for the competitions. He used to respect his teachers for the entire struggle they did for him.

He once sang a song dedicated to his mentors in a contest held at his school and won it. Sai Balan also took part in a contest held at school levels. His team once reached to national level singing competition. He has always been polite to everyone, because of this quality everyone used to adore him. After completing his schooling, he decided to do his college studies at the University of Calicut. He applied for the college, and because of his good grades, he got selected in the college.

While he was in college, he became a member of the music group at his college. After joining the group, he learned various instruments such as guitar and drums. He also learned music composition there. Everyone loved his composition skills. Sai used to compose songs earlier too, but at his college he enhanced his skills.

After completing his college, he decided to pursue his career as a music composer. He got an instant offer after some music directors watched his profile on the internet. In 2013, he did music composition for the movie “Vazhiyariyaathe.” He made up a good image for a music director and later, was offered with various jobs in the music industry.

Sai Balan has composed various songs since then. His works include Neetimayode from the album Yathramozhi, Yathramozhi from the album Yathramozhi. He also composed songs like Aadyamaay Ullil Thonniya, Akkare Akkare Akkare Akkare is a Malayalam TV show that started >> Read More... Akkare Akkare , and Man Chiraathin.