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Arun Rahman

Arun Rahman and Anoop Rahman( Anup) are twins who have formed a band named ‘Twinz Twinz.’ They belong to Kerala, and their parents were retired government servants. Their father had passed away before they could make their arrival in the cine industry as dual composers. The duo composer Arun-Anoop has composed music in Tamil, Malayalam movie and even worked for a Canada FM channel too where they composed signature tunes for the Canada FM Channel. Now the twin music composers are looking ahead to bag a Hollywood project also. They have composed a music video album for a Malayalam actress which was launched by superstar Mammootty. They had three upcoming Tamil movie projects soon. As the films are in pre-production stages, more details have not revealed by the twin music composers. The twin composers made debut in the film industry with a Malayalam movie. It seems they worked for a Tamil movie ‘Neram’ and are expecting such success in the Tamil film. Both Arun and Anoop has taken training in classical music. They have a studio of their own where the twins handle modern musical instruments. Their parents have driven the inspiration for the duo music composers who have trained their sons and groomed their talents. Although, their father is no more and has passed away just when they made an advent in the film industry. The duo has no godfather or backing of any big star. They are known as Twinz Tunes. Twin Tunes has composed music for the Tamil movie 'Puthumugangal Thevai '(2012). Maneesh Babu was the producer. Muktha, Vishnu Priya, and Rajesh Yadav were cast as hero and heroines in the film. He has composed non-movie songs with the support of lyricist Kavya Ma, Vidhu Pratapdhavan. This album had six musical scores. Veteran singers like S Chithra, Suchit Suresan, Kavya Madhavan, Rimi Tomy, Vidhu Pratap, and Jyotsana Radhakrishnan gave vocal supports. This album was released in 2012, The twin composer was overjoyed when Mammootty released Kavyadhalangal Malayalam songs at an official function.

Arun Rahman Malayalam Actor