Thodupuzha was a stage actor before she entered in Malayalam cinema. She did supporting roles In movies. For a long time, she did small roles in the film Kaka. During her career, she did about 400 movies. Vasanthi was also great at doing negative roles. She did many jobs in the industry like working on the silver, doing television shows, stage shows, etc. Awards In 2012, Thodupuzha received Chalachithra Pratibha Award by the Kerala Films Critic Association. Filmography Vasanthi was a diversely talented actor, and she worked in numerous films and showcased her talent.

In the year 1975, she worked in a movie called Dharmakshetre Kurukshetre in which she played the role of a dancer. Further in her career in the year 1982, she worked in a movie Alolam in which she brilliantly played the role of Janaki. She acted in films like Sketch, Vesham, Vakkeel Vasudev as a supporting actor. Television Thodupuzha not only on the silver screen but also worked on television shows such as Sthree and Annankunjinu Thannalayathu.