Anusha is born on 4th of March, 1978. She is born in Chennai. She is an Indian Malayalam movie actress. She is an Indian. She is 6ft tall. Her spouse is Saravanam. Anusha is well-known due to her lead role in both Tamil and Malayalam movie during the 1990s.


Anusha's belongs to a family from a filmy background. K.R. Savithri is her mother, who is a Tamil actor. And her Aunt is K.R. Vijaya. Anusha lives along with her family in Chennai. Earlier she was a state-level basketball player.


Anusha made her debut with 1992’s ‘Agreement' which was a Telugu movie, and her role was that of Devi. She did many films in 1992, like:/ Iddaru Pellala Muddula Police, Navatare, Mahayagnam, First Bell, Golmaal Govindam, Thangarasu, and Welcome to Kodaikanal. In 1993, she did Kulapathi and Nagajyothi. In 1994, she appeared in Vishnu and Dollar both Malayalam movies. She has also done movies like:/ Boxer, Kuruthipunal, Arabia, Daanveer, Sulthan Hyderali, Mimics Super 1000, Pallivathuckal Thommichan, K.L. 7/95 Ernakulam North, Swarnakireedam, Naalaamkettile Nalla Thampimaar, Excuse Me Ethu Collegial?, Nattupura Pattu, Kalyanappittannu, Shobhanam, Mannadiar Penninu Chenkotta Checkan, Gajaraja Manthram, Glorya Fernandes from USA. Adra Sakka Adra Sakka, Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen, Suryodayam, Bharatheeyam, Baro Nanna Muddina Krishna, Danda Nayaka, Maffia, Kanoonu, Goa, Vadugapetti Mappilai, and Chiranjeevi.

Annie Malayalam Actress


Those actresses who have left movies after marriage have mostly been the ones who had already completed a long enough career, synchronising their exit with their marriage. The pattern, however, has been quite different for the Malayali actress Annie, who quit films immediately with her marriage, but after being in the industry just for three years, and at the height of her fame. While it was known to all that Annie’s marriage was preceded by a pretty involved courtship, her decision to quit films came quite as a surprise not only to the industry but also to her fans. That she had taken her marriage to Shaji Kailas, one of the most famous directors of that time, as a very significant and serious matter in her life became evident when she took quite a few vital decisions one after the other. Although born a Christian, she immediately converted to Hinduism. The next decision she took was to discard the very name with which she had attained fame and glory in the industry, and in one sweep she became Chitra from Annie, and linked it with her husband’s name. The final decision she took - about quitting films forever, was of course the most momentous one that left her fans most upset. It takes real guts to quit at the very pinnacle of fame, especially when the fame had come in the remarkably short time of three years and packed with 16 films of various shades, but all of them a huge success. She had made her fans increasingly eager to see more of her films, and it must have pained her too, to deliver this rude anti climax. For it had indeed been a glorious career for Annie, right from her 1993 debut film “Ammayane Sathyam” working for none other than the redoubtable Balachandra Menon in quite a complex near double role, when she was just 14. In her very next film she bagged the 1995 Filmfare Award for “Mazhayethum Munpe”, and closed her career with the 1996 hit “Kireedamillatha Rajakkanmar”. Although she is fully retired now, she is still to be seen in public functions and gatherings of the film industry – a small consolation for her fans, perhaps.


Aparna Gopinath

Peering through her professional looking glasses and with a no frills dress pattern, Aparna Gopinath hardly looks a typical Malayalam film actress. Perhaps her looks reveal her approach to movies and also her background. The main forte of Aparna has been her serious theatre acting and her specialising in western dance forms. Her entry into movies may, however, have happened due to a combination of circumstances. Both her parents were movie buffs, always discussing about films, and were very much infatuated with the screen exploits of the veteran matinee idols of Malayalam cinema like Mammooty and Mohanlal. While this may have indirectly coaxed Aparna into films, the fact that she herself was a theatre artist from her childhood days facilitated and expedited her entry into the world of movies. Being basically from Chennai, Aparna was actively involved with the progressive theatre groups there, prior to her entering movies, and she had acted in several classic plays both in Malayalam as also Shakespearean plays in English. In her maiden film “American-Born Confused Desi” (ABCD)”, she co-starred with Dulquar Salmaan, son of matinee idol Mammootty, and portrayed the character of a college girl. The fact she got the main female role and acted opposite one of the big names was not the only satisfaction for her, since the film was a tremendous success at box office, and drew much appreciation for her acting. This was a much bigger bonus for her. However, in spite of this commercial success, she made her intentions clear that she had no plans to portray the typical run of the mill roles in her movies, but would prefer more challenging roles in future films. Perhaps her role in her next film “Bicycle Thief” which was thriller and not a stereotyped move, she found her preference being fulfilled at least partly, as her acting in the role of a Bank employee was also much appreciated by the movie goers. In her subsequent films like “Mannar Mathai Speaking 2” - an out an out comedy, and sequel to the original 1995 version; and “Happy Journey” she had put in creditable performances once again establishing her acting credentials. She is also getting a chance to act alongside the veteran Mammoothy in the more recent film “Munnariyippu”, but acting apart, she still actively pursues her dancing aspirations, teaching others also in the process.

Aparna Gopinath Malayalam Actress