Anusha Malayalam Actress
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actress

Anusha is born on 4th of March, 1978. She is born in Chennai. She is an Indian Malayalam movie actress. She is an Indian. She is 6ft tall. Her spouse is Saravanam. Anusha is well-known due to her lead role in both Tamil and Malayalam movie during the 1990s.


Anusha's belongs to a family from a filmy background. K.R. Savithri is her mother, who is a Tamil actor. And her Aunt is K.R. Vijaya. Anusha lives along with her family in Chennai. Earlier she was a state-level basketball player.


Anusha made her debut with 1992’s ‘Agreement' which was a Telugu movie, and her role was that of Devi. She did many films in 1992, like:/ Iddaru Pellala Muddula Police, Navatare, Mahayagnam, First Bell, Golmaal Govindam, Thangarasu, and Welcome to Kodaikanal. In 1993, she did Kulapathi and Nagajyothi. In 1994, she appeared in Vishnu and Dollar both Malayalam movies. She has also done movies like:/ Boxer, Kuruthipunal, Arabia, Daanveer, Sulthan Hyderali, Mimics Super 1000, Pallivathuckal Thommichan, K.L. 7/95 Ernakulam North, Swarnakireedam, Naalaamkettile Nalla Thampimaar, Excuse Me Ethu Collegial?, Nattupura Pattu, Kalyanappittannu, Shobhanam, Mannadiar Penninu Chenkotta Checkan, Gajaraja Manthram, Glorya Fernandes from USA. Adra Sakka Adra Sakka, Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen, Suryodayam, Bharatheeyam, Baro Nanna Muddina Krishna, Danda Nayaka, Maffia, Kanoonu, Goa, Vadugapetti Mappilai, and Chiranjeevi.