Santhosh, whose original name is Santhosh K. Nayar was born in Trivandrum to Kesavan Nayar and Rajalakshmi Amma. Santosh is a popular Malayalam actor. He has two sisters, who are the popular gynecologists. Santhosh’s parents moved to Ethiopia for a job, and he and his siblings stayed with their maternal grandparents. Santhosh’s family is a tutor family, where his father, mother and grandparents were teachers. Santhosh did post graduation in Math in Mahatma Gandhi College, situated in Trivandrum. He was interested in the politics during his graduation.

He debuted in the movie Ithu Njangalude Katha in the year 1982 and maintained a stable place in the Malayalam film industry. Nishedi, Eeran Sandhya, Ente Sabdam, Vasantha Sena, Cabaret Dancer, Ayitham, Maanyamaar, Customs Diary, Kadal, The Tiger, I G Inspector General, Bus Conductor, Khaki, Ginger and On the Way are some of his movie lists. Santosh has acted with all the top heroes in Malayalam.

He is married with Subashree and got a daughter named Rajasree S Nayar. Santhosh’s wife Subashree is also a school teacher, who added one more teaching personality to the life of Santosh. Santhosh’s favorite actor is Mohan Lal and he loves the acting style of Mohan Lal and his dedication to the career.

Another Version Of Bio:

Santosh is an actor of Malayalam Cinema. He is well known for his competitive performance, positive or negative roles and as a comedian. He is a new comer of the film industry and has a bright future dream in his eyes. He was born in Pettah, Thiruvananthapuram. His father C.N. Kesavan Nair is a retired headmaster and his mother P. Rajalakshmiamma is also a retired teacher. He has two sisters. He is the only son of his parents. His sisters wanted to be an actress, but now they both are gynecologists.

He is also well-educated. Santosh K. Nair rose up in his maternal grandparents care. He completed his higher secondary from St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Thiruvananthapuram. He passed his Post graduation from Mahatma Gandhi College, Thiruvananthapuram in Maths. He got married to Subhasree V. She is also a school teacher from the profession. They had a girl child, Rajasree S Nayar. He has attachment with leadership also from his college days.

His film career started from 1982 through a Malayalam movie, Ithu Njangalude Katha. He did several films from 1982 to 2016. He has acted in Naanayam and Pinnilavu (1993). In 1994, he did six movies jointly in a year- Ivide Thudangunnu, April-18, Nishi, Sunny, Oru Sumangaliyude Kadha, Kurishuyudham.. Gunda, and Sandhyaykkenthinu Sindooram. In 1985, he has worked in eighteen movies in a year. Some of them get success, and some of were on average. He had done more than hundred films in his career.

Again in 1986, he worked in six motion pictures like- Ithile Iniyum Varu, Nandi Veendum Varika, Yuvajanotsavam, Ente Shabdam, Snehamulla Simham, and Cabaret Dancer. He did vernacular role Irupatham Noottandu, Agnimuhoortham, Ayitham, Ardram, Customs Diary, Sainyam, Chukka, Sindoorarekha, Manthrikam, and Kaathara in 1990-2000. He did about sixteen Malayalam movies in 2000-2013. Among them, Krishnaa Gopaalakrishnaa, Run Way, Vettam, The Tiger, Bus Conductor, Khaki, I G Inspector General, Madirasi, Nakhangal, Proprietors: Kammath & Kammath, Ginger, On the Way, are the super duper hits.

Ajith Kumar directed the Ginger. His performance is appreciable in it. Santosh K. Nair is an actor, who is educated and sophisticated man. Although, his family is not related to the film industry, he did a keen job in his manner. His most of the movies are super hit. He put his name in a golden theme with his hard working and passion in Malayalam Cinema. His new films are coming in 2017-18. May be we will get the information soon. Thanks.

A C Zainuddin

A. C. Zainuddin was born on 12th May 1952 in Kochi, Kerala, India. He was an Indian comedian actor and a mimicry artist. He was married to Laila and she is a Hindi teacher in the profession. They have two children named Zinsil and Zinil. Zinil is an Engineer in the profession and Zinsil is an MBA holder. In the early 1980s, he started his career in Cochin Kalabhavan, Kerala as a mimicry artist. From childhood, he has the ability in imitating famous characters. He imitated the actor named Madhu so effortlessly. In the year 1986, he began his career in Malayalam cinema, with the film named “Onnu Muthal Poojaym Vare”. Onnu Muthal Poojaym Vare was directed by Raghunath Paleri and Zainuddin played the role of Santa Clause. The film became a hit and Zainuddin received more invitations from various film producers. His second film was “Indrajaalam” (1990) and there he played the role of Kuttan. Later, he got the opportunity of working with Malayalam star producers as P. A. Bakkar. Bakkar invited Zainuddin to appear in “Chappa”. By the year 2000, he appeared in more than 150 Malayalam films. In 1997, he appeared in a film named “Siamese Irattakal” by Ismail Hassan. Zainuddin received excellent reviews for his performances in this film. In Siamese Irattakal, Zainuddin played the role of conjoined twin of the actor Maniyanpilla Raju. The final film of Zainuddin was “Ezhupunna Tharakan” and it was a production of P. G. Viswambharan. Zainuddin was interested music and social services. He was an active member of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). He has joined most of the charity programs organized by AMMA. In the late 1990s, he suffered from respiratory diseases and he died on 4th November 1999 at Kochi private hospital.

A C Zainuddin Malayalam Actor