Bhadran Malayalam Actor
  • DOB : 22-11-1949
  • Age : 71
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Bhadran was born on the 22nd of November in 1949. Presently at the age of 67, he is a director and a screenwriter by profession. He works mainly in the South Indian Film Industry. He is a very popular director in Malayalam Film Industry. Most of his films have been good hits, and people simply love his movies. There is one actor who frequently acts in his movies. The actor is a very popular figure in the South. The name of the actor is Mamoothy. He has acted in most of Bhadran’s directed Malayalam films. His birth place is Palai, Kerala, India. His original name was Thomas. In his childhood, he was very naughty and mischievous.

Because of his behavior, people used to call him by the name Bhadrakali. So his name became Bhadran. But his change of name was looked upon by his father in a different manner. He felt that changing his name to Bhadrakali would protect him from any problem which may arise if he was given the name Thomas, which was a Christian name. Earlier in his childhood, he shifted from Kerala to Chennai to work in the film industry. He has been attached to the South Indian Film Industry for over 32 years. Before taking up direction as his profession, he was very passionate about music.

He formally trained himself in music to become a professional singer. He also acted in plays and got many awards for his acting. He always aspired to be a director from his childhood, and he felt that to be a great director it is compulsory to have the knowledge of acting, music, singing and writing. He released his first film in the film industry as a director in the year 1982. The film was in Malayalam, and the name was Enne Mohanlal Poovaninju. The film was successful, and so his debut went well. In the year 1995, a movie named Spadikam was released. The plot of the movie was written by Bhadran.

The title of the movie meant a person who changes his nature according to the situation and needs. The actor of the movie Thomas portrayed a similar role. He played the part of a person who was like a prism. When a light is passed through a prism, the color gets split into the seven bands. Similarly, the character’s nature split into different parts according to the situation. Bhadran is currently married to an air hostess who was also the love of his life. The name of the air hostess is Tessy.