Vinay Sharma is a Bollywood story writer, screenplay writer, and aspiring director. He was born in Meerut and brought up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He started his career as a businessman in the garments industry and owned a shop. Growing up in the crime-driven city of Ghaziabad, Vinay saw his fair share of gangster warfare. As confessed on 93.5 Red FM, these experiences later became the script for the movie Zila Ghaziabad (2013).

Zila Ghaziabad had a big star cast with Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Vivek Oberoi and Paresh Rawal. It was the most awaited movie of Arshad Warsi. Vinay picked up a real gang war story in Ghaziabad and did extensive research on it. The film didn’t fare well as a commercial film, but it brought Vinay into the writers’ circle of fame. While recollecting his journey, Vinay said to that he didn’t have to struggle to find an audience for his script in Mumbai. Producer Vinod Bachchan liked his script as well the entire cast.

Director Anand Kumar set the cameras rolling. But what is striking about the movie according to Vinay are its dialogues that will rule over the audience, in a manner, similar to that of Ishqiya and Omkara. After one crime movie, Anand Kumar and Vinay Sharma paired up for their next project in 2013, Meerut Junction. Vinay once again drew into the plot the rail mafias and put them against the backdrop of a rustic love story. When questioned as to why Vinay opt for the genre of crime, he said that he had written some romantic movie scripts like Taaj Bhai Falls in Love and Tau Ki Tirth Yatra.

In 2016, Vinay decided to kick-start his career as a director. He wrote the script for the movie Bhai Must Be Crazy starring Pankaj Kapur, Bipasha Basu, and Sunil Grover. The story was a crime comedy set in Nepal-China border, and all the cast was in for shooting. Vinay was very sure about Bipasha playing the lead as a cop, chasing international don Pankaj. For some unfortunate reason, the shooting never began because of some political scandal associated with the film’s producer Gopal Goyal Kanda.

When Vinay started his journey from a businessman to a writer/director, the road wasn’t easy. He had to struggle in Mumbai and return to UP again. But he never gave up on his dream to join Bollywood, and Zila Ghaziabad happened, of course, with the help of Arshad Warsi and his mediator. Vinay’s next project in line is a biopic based on the gangster Babloo Srivastava.

Insia Dariwala Pandey

Insia Dariwala Pandey is an Indian Director, Screenplay writer, Producer and Story Writer. She has a Muslim father, a Catholic mother (Denise Pereira) and a husband who is a Hindu Brahmin (Rajiv Pandey) due to which she has an extremely liberal and unbiased view and does not affiliate with any religion. She studied at St. Anthony High School and graduated from the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, earning a degree in Advertising and Mass Communication. She then experimented with some career options, like in an ad agency called Bleecker & Sullivan where she worked as a copywriter and even as an assistant perfumer. She finally figured out that she was meant to weave stories and began to work for the same. She spent eleven years in New York but finally decided to relocate to India to pursue her ambitions. On coming to India, she put her copywriting experience to use and landed a job at a small ad agency named AB&U. Her ads for Esselworld garnered fame and went ahead to win an award at the New York One under the Best Outdoor category. She started her film career as an Assistant Director while she also worked as a scriptwriter for Mrs. India 2010, ‘Ajeeb’ and Radha ki Betiyan. She received the “Best Thriller” award for her work on “Ajeeb” that aired on 9X channel. She made her debut as a lyricist and director was the short film “The Candy Man”. She also was the writer for the same. The short film dug into the taboo topic of Child Sexual Abuse and brought up the stark reality of it. She won two ‘Best Director’ awards for it in India and had also been nominated at the Barcelona International Film Festival and New York Short Film Festival in 2010. She also went on to independently direct a documentary for an Indian production house, the title of the documentary was “Surviving Deonar.” She co-directed the International documentary titled “We The People” that was released in 2013. She even wrote the documentary “Indian Arms & Armor,” which premiered on DD Bharati. She has written for Himesh Reshammiya Productions. Her second short film, “Cock-Tale” took on the dominant topic of rape and was nominated for the Delhi International Film Festival. It was under the banner of Freak Productions Private Limited. The short film won a Golden Camera award at the Nashik International Film Festival. She is an activist against sexual abuse of any form and has been very vocal about taking a stand against it. She continues to reside in Mumbai and is an active writer and writes for magazines like Books & More and TLF – Lifestyle & Travel. She is fluent in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and English.

Insia Dariwala Pandey Hindi Actress