Haresh Hingorani and Keitan Yadav originally met Shah Rukh Khan in 2003 when he was documenting Paheli, where they deliberated an idea about making an initiative under the support of Red Chillies Showbiz. They produced a superhero flick, clearly containing SRK and red chilies. VFX was born three years afterward. The pair began work on the striving Fan –determined because it had SRK, frolicking dual roles as Aryan Khanna the megastar and also Gaurav Chandana, a 24-year old infatuated fan.

Hingorani and Yadav decided to use a mix of prosthetic and VFX to get the right look for Chandana and expended around six months in R&D beforehand the actual film began. The movie Fan saw the active participation of over 250 performers from red chilies. VFX and an extra150 chipped in as the corporation decided to subcontract the rotoscoping and backdrop clean-up work to additional VFX units. Yadav and Hingorani used 3D software to surge SRK’s eye size and eyebrows, fill out his brasses, re-modify his nose, make his jaws fuller, decrease his tallness, redesign his shoulders – all to give him a fresher look.

When the film finally publicized, most spectators initially refused to trust that Chandana was not a double, but the actual SRK made to look dissimilar with visual effects. And that possibly is the best commendation that Hingorani and Yadav can ever imagine for the hard work they put in for a year. Definitely, the dazzling two some had made marvelous efforts for SRK’s lookalike depiction as the superstar and also the fanatical fan. Hence, it gathered a lot of appreciations from all quarters.

The creator shave always spoke about the trouble they faced in creating SRK look 20 ages younger. Shah Rukh Khan look was made youthful, leaner and little more over changing his facial structures like the size of his nose. The VFX team also did some pretty wide-ranging visual effects on some of the dash and action successions in the film. But now, all labors have finally come to completion. How did they feel after seeing their efforts getting recompensed, particularly on a platform like IIFA? Haresh feels very contented and overjoyed about winning this prize.

They are also very pleased and delighted that IIFA recognized their efforts and hard work has paid off. His advice for performers in their arena is there is growth staking place every day. The duo learns every day from the diverse projects they work on and the folks with whom they collaborate. He feels performers should keep informed with new advances, new methods, and improvement in the software that they use.Fundamentally, know every trick in the occupation to be able to produce higher eminence.