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Hindi Tv Actress Piku Sharma
  • Gender : Female

Piku Sharma is an Indian television actress, who is known for her role in the television series called ‘ Chandramukhi Chandramukhi was a super hit serial which was tele >> Read More... ’ (2007), which was aired on DD channel. She was acclaimed a lot for the role of Chandramukhi, who was an Indian princess during the British Raj.

She takes rebirth in the contemporary India & comes across her past life once again. She is said to be a perfect match for the role as both audience and critics liked her performance in the serial and she got instant attention far & wide. She has also acted in the serial called ‘ Tum Dena Saath Mera Tum Dena Saath Mera is an Indian TV show, broadcas >> Read More... ’ (2009), which was aired on the DD. She plays the role of ‘ Simran Simran was born on 4th April’1976 in Mumbai. Her o >> Read More... ’, who is the main female protagonist.

‘Simran’ is a blind girl & she falls in love with a mute boy called ‘Samarjeet’ (played by ' Amit Kamboj Amit Kamboj is a music composer by profession whos >> Read More... '). The serial made her face known to the viewers of DD, all over India. Before coming to the world of acting, she modelled for a few TV commercials & also appeared as a regular artist in the theatre.

She likes theatre very much and wants to continue as a theatre actress. She wants to play meaningful roles which have female-oriented themes. She is well versed in the traditional Assamese dancing forms as she hails from Assam. She wants to do serials and theatre mostly, as she finds these media having a far & wide reach & containing a lot of variety in terms of the themes of the series.

She is living & working in Mumbai since the year2007.