Naheed Shabbir Hindi Actress
Naheed Shabbir is a supremely talented T.V actress of Pakistan who was born on 1st November in the year 1973 in Karachi. She made her debut in ‘Pakistan Television Corporation’. Her first appearance in “Ek Naye Mor Per” turned out to be a major success and consequently Naheed was poured with offers. She is associated with this industry for around ten years and has performed in several TV dramas of PTV, Hum TV, Geo TV and ARY Digital. Naheed’s most appreciated and popular dramas are ‘Be Zuban’, ‘Bint-e-Adam’, ‘Yadain’, ‘Bichrein Ge Ab Kaisay’ and ‘Khawab Toot Jaty Hain’ and the list goes on. This sweet heart of small screen started her acting career subsequent to her experience in modeling. Through her long acting career in Pakistani serials, she got the opportunity of performing with most of the popular stars of daily dramas and she is blessed to work under the guidance of famous directors as well. According to her, her family must be credited as they inculcated confidence and the sense of independence in her. Naheed considers herself to be fortunate, as at the beginning point of her career she had the opportunity of working with the big shots in the industry like Mohsin Ali Mohsin Ali is an actor, model and writer who has w >> Read More... Mohsin Ali , Hassina Moin, Pervaiz Malik, Javed Fazil, Ayub Khawar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ayub Khawar and Kazim Pasha. She believes that, the guidance of veteran performers had doubled up her longing for acting. Now-a-days she has decided to work in selective serials and she also embarked on a production house. She has started to spend most of her time, in developing her direction skills.