Medha Sambutkar is an Indian Television actress who is very popular among the households of India. She plays the character of Kaveri Singhania in the serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain” produced by Rajan Shahi. Yeh Rishta is one of the longest running serials of Star Plus that airs at 9:30 pm Monday to Friday. It premiered on 12th January 2009. She is commonly known as “Bhabhimaa” in the serial. She has a positive role, and is the female head of the family. She tries to keep the entire family tied together and is a very good saas (Mother-in-law). Rajan Shahi is known for giving chances for new actors in his series. Medha feels proud that her serial is still one of the top serials on TV even after five long years.
Medha plays a role, which is more than her age and she says she doesn’t mind doing that. She attended various award ceremonies organized by Star Plus and other Channels. Few times she was seen showing her Jalwa on the stage also. She is one of the most respected women on the sets of the serial Yeh Rishta. Medha has a very down to earth personality and always speaks to her fans and audience with reverence. She feels her success today is all because of the love she got from her fans. She has a few fans registered on blogs like India-forums etc. Medha has given many interviews till now and she told that the entire cast of Yeh Rishta is like one big family of hers. Getting candid in one of the interviews, when asked about what she thinks about other saasus she reveals that she doesn’t feel competitive against other mother in laws and she seriously hopes the worthy to win. Bhabhimaa and Gayathri of the serial were inspirational to many other mothers in law of the country, who tried to change their customs and believes. It is true that Yeh Rishta could bring out a change in customs of many lower middle class families in India. She shared her thoughts on this by saying, she feels extremely blessed to be a part of such change and hopes to entertain the viewers in the future too. She doesn’t have any plans of doing new shows as of now, and wants to concentrate on Yeh Rishta alone. She also adds saying, may be after Yeh Rishta goes off air, she would think of working in any new project if something good comes along her way.
Mansi Srivastava Hindi Actress

Mansi Srivastava

Mansi Srivastava is a television actress who was fond of acting from her childhood. She was born on 21st September 1990 in Gurgaon Delhi. Being the only daughter of her parents, Mansi says she is a pampered kid. She started out her career in Mumbai, by giving auditions every day for different roles. After 8 months of struggle, she was offered a role in “Surveen Guggal topper of the year: which used to air on Channel V. She played the role of a bubbly girl Jasleen who was the sister of main lead Surveen Guggal. After impressing many with her acting, she got the role of a main lead in the soap “Rab Se Sohna Isshq” that used to air on Zee TV. She played the role of Heer.As soon as this show went off air, she was offered the lead role in another new serial called “Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se” which also aired on Zee TV. Here, she played the role of Shivani who is the love interest of Raghu Seharia (male protagonist). In an interview, she shared that she liked playing the role of a bahu (daughter-in-law) from a young age. She has already acted in a Hindi movie called “27”. There were quite a few rumors about Mansi being involved with her co-star Arhaan Behl but she never spoke about it in public.Like many other youngsters, Mansi is also a big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight. She says she likes painting landscapes, portraits etc.  Mansi never hesitates to give an interview for her fans when she gets a chance. She is the young actress who has made her place in the TV industry and is currently enjoying her free time. Mansi said she already made her parents proud and will be waiting for more opportunities to showcase her talents and remain in the hearts of her fans. Mansi never misses out to give a message for her viewers and fans.


Meena Nathani

Meena Nathani is an actress who commonly works in Indian Television shows.  Meena mostly played negative roles on screen till now, and she is good at playing vamp roles. She essayed the character of Malti, mother of main lead in the show “Bhagyavidhaata” which aired on Colors TV in 2009. She portrayed a rather grey character, where she will be seen constantly encouraging wrong doings for her son in greed of money. After Bhagyavidhaata she did a cameo role in the serial “Kairi Rishta Khatta Meetha” which also aired on Colors TV in 2012. She was Tejwanti mami in Kairi, again played a negative role and was shown as greedy. Meena is a good person in real life unlike the roles she plays on screen. She next appeared on Bani- Ishq da kalma serial on Colors TV where she played the role of Saraswati. Saraswati puts on a mask of righteousness and generosity to deceive people, but it was soon revealed in the serial that she is in fact a very cruel lady who runs a brothel. Though all the roles she played onscreen are quite similar, she says she enjoyed playing those characters. She has a few fans registered on blogs. It would be great to watch Meena Nathani play a different character on screen in her next serial, may be like a good saas (Mother in law) or something like that. She also acted in two Hindi films. One is “Well done Abba!”. This wasn’t a commercially hit movie but had a strong cast like Boman Irani, Manishha Lamba etc. In 2014, she acted in another movie called Das capital.

Meena Nathani Hindi Actress