Utkarsh Mazumdar

Other names of Utkarsh Mazumdar: Uttkarsh Mazumdar, Utkarsh Majumdar, Uttkarsh Mazumdar

Utkarsh Mazumdar is a television actor and a director who has appeared in many commercials and serials. He is also a very famous theatre artist. He has been in theatre for over 45 years working in many languages like Gujarati, Hindi, and English.

He belonged to the Nagar community who had a musical and literary tradition. So he considers himself lucky to come from such a broad-minded family that encouraged theatre. Nadira Babbar, Kanti Madia, Lillete Dubey, Satydev Dubey are some of the directors he had worked with. His most famous performances were in plays like ‘Tran Gujarati’ which is a Gujarati play that has three different stories that take place in a coffee shop.

The best of all the three stories is ' Rango' which revolves around a young couple who have their differences and insecurities regarding their future together. The lead actor is a typical Indian male who is possessive and insecure, but he is somewhat different too. He is willing to make compromises too for his girlfriend. The chemistry between the pair was widely appreciated.

The storyline of the second story 'Ekanki No Bejo Ank' was about a married couple who are in their thirties and have applied for a divorce as the husband has been unfaithful to his wife. The story has received average reviews, but the performance of the artists was appreciated.

The third story is named ' Leela' which tells us about two friends who are in their seventies. Among the two, one can't walk properly and the other one enjoys life like there is no tomorrow. Though the storyline seems boring the ending is said to be unpredictable and comes with an exciting twist.

Another famous play which featured Utkarsh Mazumdar was ‘Black With Equal’ in which he played the quintessential Gujarati 'Chairman' of the society. Black With Equal seems to suggest that anyone can start over a normal meeting, a simple conversation. One of the founder members of Arpana, Utkarsh directed its first play Uljulool. He recently played the role of  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the play Samvidhan, which was a 10 part series based on the making of the Constitution of India. Lillete Dubey who directed Wedding Album, was also one of the famous plays in Utkarsh's filmography. The play,

Vijay Tilani

Born on July 24, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Vijay Tilani is an Indian model and the performing artist. He is from a Hindu family, who lives in hometown Jaipur. He likes listening to music. He finished his graduate degree in Media & Communication from Whistling Woods International School of Media & Communication in Goregaon, Maharashtra. Since his school days, Vijay has been interested in acting and used to partake in plays. He trained as a performing artist, and well-known Naseeruddin Shah was his teacher. During his college, he started his vocation as a performer and joined the theater. He worked in many theaters plays such as Caine mutiny court Marshall and Arms and The Man directed by Naseeruddin Shah. Later he worked in some TV serials. In 2014 made his acting debut with a TV serial 'Suhani Si EkLadki' in which he assumed part as Saurabh Birla who was the elder brother of Yuvraaj and Raghni's Husband that aired on Star Plus Channel. It started 9 June of 2014 and ended 21 May of 2017. He also worked in serial named Missing Person report coordinated by Karan Shah as Neel. Vijay got tremendous popularity after his negative part in a dramatization serial 'KyaQusoorHaiAmalaKa' coordinated by Nandita Mehra on Channel Star Plus. The serial broadcasted on 3 April of 2017 and ended on30 September of 2017. He also worked in many short films. In 2008, Vijay acted as Dr.Mathurin the movie The Unseen written and directed by Gaurav Nanda starring Vivek Setiaand Gaurav Nanda. The film is about the character who sees spirits around him and does not know how to deal with them. Dr.Mathur helps him with it. In 2009, He worked as Siddhantin the film named Mai directed and written by Surya Menon featuring Ratna Pathak, Shah Purav Bhandare, and Aahana Kumra, In 2013, he worked as character Arjunin motion picture named Bin Tere coordinated and composed by Narasimhan Krishnamachari featuring Avantika Shetty and Ujjwal Rana. It is a story about a romantic lawyer who is getting divorced tries to make work a marriage. In the same year, Vijay acted in a short movie named Eunique directed by Ketan Rana starring Sahil Vaid and Mark Mecwan. In 2015, Vijay Tilani debuted in the role of Sameer in the motion picture named Baby directed by Neeraj Pandey featuring Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzongpa, Rana Daggubati and Anupam Kher. In 2017, Vijay Tilani acted in a short film titled That Transient Interval coordinated and composed by Parth Saurabh starring Harshad Maiyani, Pinky Arora, and Manish Gandhi.

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