Sandesh Nayak

Other names of Sandesh Nayak: Sandesh Naik

Sandesh Nayak is an actor, director as well as a dialogue writer. He started his career as a minor actor in 1988. He began his career by working in theater. He worked as an actor in different plays. He always sought to become one of the finest actors in society. He started his career with loads of struggle but was always supported by his family. His family gave him the confidence to become an actor and pursue his career in acting. He later went to do various serials one of which is the famous Sab TV classic Tota Weds Maina Tota Weds Maina is an Indian TV serial broadcasted >> Read More... Tota Weds Maina .

He did films and serials then later but wasn’t successful in gaining much attention. He did a film Machhli Jal Ki Rani as an actor. He then took the big step and wrote a movie called Love Shagun which he also thought as an opportunity to debut as a director. In Love Shagun, he wrote, directed and also acted and is the biggest work in his career till now. He has worked hard with his versatile work in Love Shagun, but he is popularly known for his role in Tota Weds Maina, which was a comedy drama on Sab TV.

He considered himself very lucky to have parents who have always supported in acting as many of his friends couldn’t chase their dream of acting due to family responsibilities. He will always be remembered for his comic role in Tota Weds Maina and his flexible role in Love Shagun.