Sameer Rajda is a talented television actor. He is known for his work in Gujarati films. Mulraj Rajda (actor) is his father. He was well known by the name Shatrughna, in the serials Ramayan & Luv Kush, directed by Ramanand Sagar. Ramayan was a television serial based on Hindu epic. This serial was shown during the year 1987-1988. This serial, was completely based on Valmki’s Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas. According to the epic, Shatrughna i.e. Sameer was the youngest brother of Lord Rama. This serial, was telecasted on Doordarshan and ran till 78 episodes.

Luv Kush was a follow up of the successful serial Ramayan. This serial was also directed by Ramanand Sagar with the same cast. This serial, was about the last book of the epic Ramayana named Uttara Kanda. This serial showed the life of Luv, elder son of Shri Rama and Khus, the younger son of Shri Rama. It was aired on DD National in 39 episodes.

He has also worked in the serial named Mahabharat, based on the Hindu epic Mahaabhaarat as Uttar. This serial, was telecasted in 94 episodes in DD National from 2 October, 1988 to 24 June, 1990. B. R. Chopra has produced it and his son, Ravi Chopra has directed this serial. Mahendra Kapoor has sung its title song while the narration was followed by Harish Bhimani in the episodes. Rajkamal has composed its music and costumes were provided by Maganlal Dresswala.

Sameer Shah

Sameer Shah is an Indian television actor mainly featured in comedy shows. He made his debut with the serial “Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai” which aired on the SAB TV. It was a light-hearted fictional stand-up comedy show. The show had spread happiness and love among the viewers through its unique concept. The team included Sameer Shah, ‘Rajesh Kumar’, ‘Shweta Gulati’, ‘Sukesh Anand’, ‘Ami Trivedi’, ‘Sugandha Mishra’, etc. The cast and crew also helped the society socially. The cast of the show visited an orphanage on the occasion of Eid and distributed gifts and love among them. They also decided to do charity works for different needy institutions and all actors including Sameer donated a part of their monthly income as charity. Sameer played the comic role of Khakra in the show who provided humorous insights into the lives of the people living in Bungalow No 6. It was a fictional house created by the members of the show. He did well in the show due to which a reversal in his character occurred. He turned into Laal Singh, who was the owner of the Bungalow No 6. It was a complete transformation from a comic role to a stern character, but Sameer adopted to it well. He did an authoritative role in which he had to behave as if the house was in his premises. He also appeared in the show “R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya”, which aired on SAB TV. It was a Hindi comedy serial which completed around three fifty episodes successfully. Along with Sameer, ‘Atul Parchure’, ‘Deepak Gheewala’, ‘Rajeev Nigam’, ‘Shruti Rawat’, ‘Gulfam Khan’, etc. also worked in the serial. Hats-Off Productions created the show. Next, he appeared in the show “Mrs. Tendulkar”, which aired on SAB TV as well. It was an optimistic comedy series which challenged the ways of Indian society. The cast included ‘Deven Bhojani’, ‘Sameer Shah’, ‘Deepak Pareek’, ‘Smita Saravade’, etc. The show ran successfully. Sameer is famous for his humorous acts.

Sameer Shah Hindi Actor