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Hindi Tv Actor Gaurav Tiwari
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Gaurav Tiwari is CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society. He is also a pilot by profession. He has done stints on MTV ‘Girl's Night Out’ and Zee TV's ‘ Fear Files Fear Files is a suspense thriller series telecaste >> Read More... ’, and is acknowledged for his paranormal research now. 

Gaurav started his career as an actor but later gave up. Currently, he tries to resolve the problem of paranormal activity from a very scientific and logical approach. He has also been acclaimed on International Paranormal Radio Shows. In one of his research activity that he and his team had held in Rajasthan, the team used a highly sophisticated equipment to communicate with ghosts and spirits. The equipment, named 'Ghost Box', was used to ask questions from the spirits. The spirits responded and even told their name. 

It is found that while his team takes up investigation works at a haunted place, they encounter really strange activities such as moving shadows, haunting voices or even hand imprints of unseen people. Although his Paranormal Society can neither establish nor deny the ghost phenomenon, his aim is to dispel fears about ghost myths or reality even from one’s mind.  India’s first horror/ paranormal reality show titled as ‘ Girls Night Out The Indian TV channels like ‘Imagine TV’ and ‘UTV >> Read More... ’ on MTV in which he had participated won the best reality show in Asia Television Awards in Singapore,2011. 

Gaurav has visited 6,000 haunted locations not just in India but also in places like Nepal, US, Mexico and Britain to do his research. Recently, he became a prominent figure for hosting a show called ‘Haunting: Australia’ for which he visited Australia too. In 2014, an Australian Director Matt Bird had directed a TV series titled ‘Haunting Australia’ in which an episode named ‘Arclade Lunatic Asylum’ was screened on TV. In this TV show, Gaurav Tiwari was seen as an actor, who had a tale to tell for viewers in every episode. He took on the challenge of communication with the asylum’s numerous lost souls. So far, Gaurav has acted in the ghost series where he had not narrated a fiction tale but an original tale of ghosts showing their existence. He has acted even in Hindi movies ‘Tango Charlie’, ‘ Sach Honge Sapne Sach Honge Sapne is the Hindi reality show aired o >> Read More... ’, and ‘16 December’. 

Gaurav is also a singer, cartoonist, and writer. He was born on 2 September 1984.


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