Priya Kapoor made an appearance in 2000 in neighbours. She played a role of Priya. On September 1st, 2011 she made first screen appearance during the episode broadcast. After some days it was announced that Gooneratne promoted to the regular cast along with Sachin job and Coco Cherian, they played the role of her husband and daughter. On 10th June 2013, she made her last appearance. Priya character was “pretty” “feisty” and “determined” by all about soap and channel5.Priya was craving more excitement in life. They got married at an early age.

Priya and husband spent their time to build their careers. After sometime they fight between them for making decisions. Once Ajay got a new house without Priya’s notice she got angry and fought for that.Communication was lacking between them. Priya reconnected with her raw passion and fire. Then she met Paul, and it was a case of hate at first sight. Both Priya and Paul were strong-willed people. But Priya usually takes high moral ground where Paul will never. In some school decision, Paul supported her when everyone discouraged her.

They often spoke about the school, parents and enjoyed themselves. One afternoon Paul brings an expensive bottle of wine, but she felt uncomfortable and left the place. She didn’t tell this to Ajay. After days Paul and Priya get into a relationship, and she cheated on Ajay. The relationship issue tore her apart. But she couldn't resist herself. The actress started feeling awful about her affair,but she couldn’t take him out of her mind so continued with Paul.

One fine day she thought of waving goodbye to Paul and called him to a hotel. She kissed him as a waving bye to him. Which was noticed by Rani and she said this to her father AJAY. He enquired her to leave home but later asked to come back for Rani. After few days everyone started harassing her. Then she met with an accident and died. It said that Priya was a ghost to her daughter Rani in her imagination world. Rani was getting an apology letter from Priya. Rani feels that her mother didn’t love her. Later Gooneratne says that Priya crushed with a heavy pot and which started with internal bleeding. She fell unconscious with less breathing. He also tells that her ghost was irresponsible.