Hema Bisht is an Indian supporting actress. She is part of a National Award winning film 'Kaphal- Wild Berries' (2013). She has also worked in movies and documentary like 'India- Kingdom of the Tiger' (2002) and 'The Pen' (2011). Hema is a light-hearted charming lady and has an optimistic personality. Her directors and other crew members love her for her nature. She plays innocent roles in her films and loves her profession. 

She enjoys acting, and we can see her love for nature in the type of films she has worked. She is a Pahadi Brahmin girl who is basically from Uttarakhand. Kaphal- Wild Berries is an Indian film by supremely talented writer and director Batul Mukhtiar Batul Mukhtiar is a producer, director, and a writ >> Read More... starring Hema in a pivotal role. The story revolves around two young brothers and their father and a forest witch. The film released in the year 2013 which bagged the National Award for Best Children's Film.' Hema played the character of Indu in the film and gave an adorable performance. During the shoot, she mixed herself comfortably with all her team members and, Batul and Hema shared a very special bond. The film was appreciated highly by the critics and audience. '

India- Kingdom of Tiger,' is Hema's another film which is worth watching. The film depicts our country, India and is a historical epic film. It talks about the importance of tiger conservation with a beautiful story of an English hunter- naturalist who saves the people of a village in our country from the terror of a human-eating tiger. Hema was a supporting actress in this film who played the role of Shanta. The film released in the year 2002. On the other hand, The Pen (2011) is a dramatic film related to real life experiences. The film depicts the social reality, its unsaid relationships, and its struggles. Director Durba Sahay has made it simple and innovative in her way.

Coming from a Pahadi Rajput family, Hema loves films based on natural factors and places, but accepts all kinds of movies. She is a kind-hearted human being who has given short but sweet contributions in all her films. Her delightful behavior makes people fall in love with her and her work. People enjoy her company and she, with her pleasant smile grabs all the attention. She is indubitably beautiful and charming. We hope to see her in a new film having much more interesting roles than the previous ones.

Juby Devasia

Juby Devasia is a supporting actor. She was born in India. She mainly works with the Hindi Cinema. She has Indian Nationality. Juhi has associated with the artists like Gireesh Reddy, Sonu Sood, Amitabh Bachchan, and Hema Malini. She works with the actors with versatile performance. She did multiple movie projects in line. She has well known for the project. She is active on some social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. She did projects like Buddha Hoga Tera Baap in the year 2011, Software Hardware Kyaa Karoon in the year 2012, Ishqeria in the year 2018. She did Buddha Hoga Tera Baap on July 1 and in the year 2011. It's has a genre action, crime, and thriller. It's run time is one hour and fifty-four minutes. The director is Puri Jagannadh. Inamulhaq and Puri Jagannadh had written the story play and dialogues. The cast of it is Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Sonu Sood and Many More. Her next project is Software Hardware Kyaa Karoon in the year 2012. Its release date is April 13 and in the year 2012. It has a genre comedy and drama. The Director is Rabi Kisku. Rabi Kisku and Narasimha Rambabu have written the screenplay and story play. Cast and crew include for her film is Saleem Ahmed as Bongi, Ranbir Chakma as Nongem Chakma, Sweta Desai as Kaveri, Juby Devasia as Merlin, June Fujita as Nobu Takahashi, Yuko Chikusa Fujita as Maki Fukuzawa, Adithi Kalkunte as Nidhi, Arvind Kamath as Sanjay, Imran Ahmed Khan as Srinivas Raju, Shannon McDonell as Patrica. O thers are Monish Nagaraj as Karthik, Sanjeev Nair as Narain K, Vishal Nayer as Arun, Snehadhar Penta as Gireesh Reddy, Dr. Vaidya as Kaveri's father and many more. This film depicts the role of four friends fro, Hyderabad, Telangana, Mizoram, and Chennai. These are also roommates. Its shooting location is Bengaluru, Karnataka, and India. It has based on India. Her other movie is Ishqeria. Its release date is September 21 and in the year 2018. It has a genre of drama and romance. It's run time is two hours and fifty-eight minutes. Prerna Wadhawan is the director. She also writes the screenplay. Papon and Rashid Khan is the music director. It has eight tracks. The list includes as Assalatul by Harish Singh, Toofani Hawa by Papon, Yaadein by Papon and Kalpana Patowary, Ishqeria by Jawed Ali and Wrisha Dutta.

Juby Devasia Hindi Actress