Batul Mukhtiar is a producer, director, and a writer. She is also a blogger and actively posts about her write-ups, reviews, stories and films. She lives in Mumbai and is also known by her nickname 'Banno.' She was married to actor and cinematographer, Vivek Shah whom she lately divorced.

This filmmaker is an alumnus student of The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) of Pune. Besides making many of the documentaries and short films as her project in FTII, she has directed the feature documentary '150 Seconds Ago' which was selected for screening at worldwide film festivals and theaters.

She is also a Swarna Kamal Award winner for her movie. She was brought up in the filmy locality of Grant road surrounded by cinema halls, located in the city of films, Mumbai. At the time when there was no TV. Batul grew up watching around three movies in a week and reading 3-5 books every seven days. During her childhood, Batul often read film magazines, she loved acting, and sometimes she conducted her interviews while she played games in her free time. She never thought of being a director or producer for films because she was always interested in acting at a young age. In her FTII diploma journey, she played many roles for student exercise and as a part of her education. Later she realized that she cannot listen to the instructions and she does not want to be an actor. She is someone who would love to instruct and direct others in her film. She was crystal clear about this idea exactly after her 1st shoot.

While Batul was in college, she wanted to be a journalist, but for some reasons, she could not join the line and found her way to FTII. She learned a lot in FTTI from her projects and mistakes in the films she worked. Her first job was being an assistant on a corporate film by a local ad agency.

After this, she also worked for a music channel. Batul is a strong woman, and her ideologies of feminism and independence reflect in her short stories, poetries and, articles on her blog. She was nervous while she wrote her first story but finally she completed it and submitted the script to Children's Film Society of India. Batul always loved reciting stories. She knew how to grab the attention of the reader, this made the story more fascinating, and CFSI liked it and was ready to make a film out of it. As a result, in 2007, she made her debut from 'Lilkee' as a writer and also a director. Making children film was not her agenda but, Batul saw her daughter grew up in an urban area who knew nothing beyond the society and her playing environment. This scenario inspired her, and she wanted to tell this story to the world and her daughter in the form of writing. She was very happy after the success of the film.

Kaphal- Wild Berries (2013) is another Children drama film by Mukhtiar. During the shoot for Lilkee in Garhwal, she was fascinated by the kids, the environment and their behavior towards each other. Her second film gave her the opportunity to cover the things she couldn't show in her first project. Finally, after years of research and struggle, she came up with the script of Kaphal in 2013, which was produced by CFSI and having Batul as the Director and Screenplay writer. The movie was appreciated all over the world, and Batul was very proud of her work is the film. She was honored when the film won the Swarna Kamal (Golden Lotus) award for the category of Best Children's Film in 61st National Awards. Both her films got tremendous success, and it is because of her special connection with children. Batul was the associate producer for the TV series 'Indian Reborn' on Canadian TV which made her travel around the world and come across different people and cultures. She works for International Documentary Crew Shooting in India as an associate producer and a line producer.

She is a kind of person who is socially less interactive, but her film career helped her sharing her stories, opinions and openly speaks in the interviews. Currently, she is working on two scripts with her team and trying to get a financier for her upcoming films. After achieving fortune in her career, she has been consistently striving to improve more and make best films for the viewers. Her documentaries and short films are worldwide famous and screened in the biggest film festivals and film events. The industry along with the audience is expecting fascinating stories and films by her in the coming years.  

Celine Loop Hindi Actress

Celine Loop

Celine Loop is a producer in Indian film industry and has produced a total of 5 films till date. Among them, she has been best known for her movie Kajaria. She debuted as a producer with the film Gandu. Released on 29th October, Gandu was an Indian black and white Bengali film directed by Qaushik Mukherjee. The storyline of the movie revolves around an angry young man who talks continuously about his hatred for life and his mother. The film was a hit and also won jury award at the South Asian International Film Festival for the best film. After a gap of two years, her next film was Tasher Desh that released in 2013. Directed by Qaushik Mukherjee Tasher Desh was a Bengali fantasy film. First shown in India in 2013 it narrates the story of a prince who escapes the prison of his mind. He lands on an island with a fascist rule and encourages women to revolt. The movie was dubbed in English and titles, The Land of Cards. Following the, the movie Kajaria also released in the same year. Directed by Madhureeta Anand, the film is based on a story where Kajaria kills infants (girls) in her village under the image of religious sacrifice and when a reporter finds and opens the secret the villagers describe her as a monster and decide to kill her. This film also won the best foreign film award in China at the Silk Road Film Festival. In 2015 a fantasy, thriller, horror film directed by Qaushik Mukherjee was released. Ludo, the name of the cursed game, played by four friends who get locked in a shopping mall is the storyline of the movie. The movie received a lot of criticism. Following it, the movie Brahman Naman was released in 2016 which was also produced by Celine and directed by Qaushik Mukherjee. The film is an Indian sex comedy on how Naman takes his friends on a trip to Calcutta to lose their virginity and win prizes.


David Hamilton

David Hamilton born in London, England on 15th April 1933, David Hamilton was a renowned photographer and a film director. David is known for his pictures, which represent nudity. Because of World War II, his education was barred,and so he liked spending his time admiring the beautiful scenery of Dorset’s countryside . But later David returned to London to finish his schooling. David’s recognition of his good work started when he was 20. He was as a graphic designer for a magazine named Elle. His work was appreciated and hence he was given a job at one of the popular magazine called Queen. During his work, he was fascinated by the city of lights: Paris. His pictures had a different approach and this resulted in his increased demand in almost every popular magazines working at that time. Some of such magazines are Realities, Twen and Photo . Before this, he was appointed as an art director of Printemps, one of the largest departmental stores in the city. David’s artistic and dreamy approach towards his pictures quickly brought him success. His main philosophy behind his work was that he harmonizes between nudity and purity. He claims his reason behind his massive success is that she perfectly balances sensuous, spontaneity and innocence, which is also true considering his photographs look more like a painting. Besides picturing nudity of Maiden, David also clicks shots of nature which includes landscapes, animals, workers on farm, flowers, and fruits. There are many books that describe the work of David Hamilton. They portray his work, his approach, his style and a major part include his life. Of many such books Dream Of A Young Girl which was published in 1971, Twenty Five Years Of An Artist which came out in 1993, The Age Of Innocence published in 1994 and Holiday Snapshots printed in 1999 are to name a few. The Age of Innocence is one of his major publications, which mainly focuses on his works. Of few films, where David has contributed are Bilitis which was released in 1977, Laura: Shadows of a summer which came to theaters in 1979, Tender Cousins in 1980, A Summer in St. Tropez in 1983 and First Desires in 1984. Besides his work and photographs,David was also famous for many other things. And they consisted of his involvement in alleged sexual assault and child pornography . He was accused of harassing the young girls and women. He was always in headlines regarding sexually harassment. On a French talk show which was aired on 22 October, 2016, David was claimed as an alleged rapist. However David gave a statement that he is not guilty and all the accusations filed against him are false. David Hamilton died at the age of 83. On 25th November, 2016 his body was discovered in his residence in France. The theory behind his death is suicide.

David Hamilton Hindi Actor