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Aarti Soni

Hindi Supporting Actress Aarti Soni
  • DOB : 22-06
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Aarti Soni is an Indian Film Actress, popular among the audience for her roles in movies like Duniya Jale to Jale (2016) and Chimmanbhai Ni Chaal (2017). Mostly involved in the Gujarati film industry, she was a passionate acting enthusiast since her school days and was involved in a lot of local plays.

One of the most energetic and voluntary actors in Gujarati cinema, Aarti made her debut on the big screen through Bipin Bapodra’s romantic drama film Duniya Jale to Jale (2016), starring Vikram Thakor Vikram Thakor is a ‘Gujju’ superstar. There is no >> Read More... opposite to her. Some of her other credits include Koi Aane Parnavo (2016), Jyare Bolavu Tyare Dodine Aavje (2016), and Dikari Mari Ladakyayi (2017).


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