Zack Niizato is a Japanese actor. He can be identified with his distinctive Asian features along with brown eyes and black hair. Although he is a native of Japan, he is based out of the European city of London, United Kingdom. His accent is Japanese, but he can speak languages like English and Spanish along with Japanese. Hence, he has tried working in flicks made in these types of industries. He is also acclaimed for his driving skills and excellence in sports. He often performs all his driving stunts himself to sustain the originality of the film.

Zack Niizato was never a model and wasn’t usually seen in full-fledged modeling ad campaigns. He gained his recognition from how to work on the stage of numerous plays and on screen for multiple films. After achieving a certain amount of popularity, a lot of ad campaigns were offered to Zack. He also started attending commercial shows for publicity and good PR. In the year 2009, he was seen in a web commercial called emancipation joven de Injuve for Institute de la Juv st Coolshot Film.

In the year 2011, Zack was seen in two publicity ventures. One of the projects were for a Video News Agency where he promoted the idea of “Fresh start living”. He also entered Mentos UP2U as the game show contestant. However, he didn’t win anything. In the year 2015, he was seen hosting a Japanese game show for EA Sport. The game show was for FIFA 16 and caused a lot of craze in fans. In the year 1999, Zack started his journey in the film industry as well as television.

His debut projects were White Expectations and Christmas in Malibu respectively. His run for movies was more successful than television, and hence he quit television and came back in the year 2006. He continued doing films in this gap. He was seen in ventures like Snuff, Brothers Young Republican, Castro’s Day in Los Angeles, La olla and Tres Son Multitud.

In 2006, he made his debut on stage with the play called The Case of the Crushed Petunias. He has done two more stage shows, Psicodivians happened in the year 2008 and Akiko Dance Project in 2013. He has done four more series on Television and about seven to eight more movies. In the year 2016, Zack was seen in a flick of Indian Film Industry called Baar Baar Dekho Click to look into! >> Read More... Baar Baar Dekho . He has also starred in Filth, Rush and Aquí no hay quien viva.