Ravi Patwardhan is a Hindi and Marathi actor. He is most well-known for his role in the movie ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’ which released in the year 1992. This movie told the story of a boy named Raju who after getting his degree in Engineering decided to shift to Mumbai for better opportunities. The story tells all the problems he faced in his journey to success. In this film, Ravi Patwardhan played the role of the prosecuting lawyer. The movie did fairly well at the box office receiving a rating of 7/10.

He was also part of the 1992 production ‘ Chamatkar Chamatkar is a very old and highly famous show, wh >> Read More... Chamatkar ’ which revolved around a man named Sunder who always wanted to build a school in his village however he gets cheated by his friend. It his journey to fulfill his dreams despite all the obstacles that life throws at him. In this movie Ravi, Patwardhan had the minor role of a money lender. The movie did fairly well and received a good rating.

Later in 1998, Ravi Patwardhan was cast in the film ‘Yugpurush’a drama directed by Partho Ghosh Partho Ghosh is an Indian film producer and direct >> Read More... Partho Ghosh . This moving movie portrayed the story of a man named Anirudh who goes into catatonic state after his parents pass away in a storm. It shows his life after being discharged from a mental asylum, falling in love and the problems he faces as he tries his best to move forward with his life and not fall back into the same state that he had been in for 25 years of his life. In this movie Ravi, Patwardhan played the role of a man named ‘Mr. Prem Kumar’. The movie was well acclaimed and received a rating of 6.5/10.