Agha is also called as Aghajan Baig, was born on 21st March 1914 in Pune, Bombay presidency, British India. Agha is an Indian actor by profession. He preferably works in the Hindi film industry. Agha has been popularly recognized by his comic roles. Agha appeared in not less than 300 plus films in Bollywood. Agha is married, and the couple together had four children, a son, and three daughters. Agha had a son named Jalal Agha and his three daughters named Shahnaaz Anand, Shahoor Agha and Shahi Agha.

Horse riding and being a jockey was what agha loved. He was very fond of horses. Agha used to visit and watch different kinds of horses like he used to research on every species he found different. Agha was always a curious person.

He had curiosity in knowing all the logic of fewer facts. Agha’s first debut was in the film Stree Dharma, which was produced by Kanwal movie town. Jalal started his filming career in the year 1935. In his starting year, he got one more movie to make his debut in namely Karwan-E-Husn. In the year 1936, he got to debut Berozgar.

He debuted in the films like Daulat, Rangila Mazdoor and Kaha Hai Manzil Teri in the years 1937, 1938 and 1939 respectively. In the year 1940, he got two films at a time named Anuradha and Captain Kishori. Agha was seen in Circus ki Sundari, Nai Roshni, Safed Sawar and Roti altogether in the year 1941. Then Muqabala, Paraya and Mera Gaon was also debuted by agha, in the year 1942. In the next year, Agha has been featured in Amanat and Mohobbat ki Jeet. Likewise, agha was seen in many more films like Elaan(1947), Jugnu(1947), Shikayat(1948)Balam(1949), Badal(1951), Do Raha(1952), Ambar(1952), Patita(1953), etc.

He ended debuting in his 19s with the movies Kranti, Love and God, Bat Banjaye, etc. In the years 1981 and 1986 respectively. He was a man with skills living in his nerves, which is perfectifying as well as growing day by day. He even worked with some known directors like Nitin Bose, Basu Chatterjee, K.Asif, Manoj Kumar, Hiren Nag, Satyen Bose, Mehboob khan, Balwant Bhatt, and many others. At the ending of the 19s, agha was caught by a severe heart attack on 30th april in the year 1992.

He was then residing in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Agha died when he was 78 years only. This pain of losing a family member was dreadful enough to bear. Soon after three years when the people were not ready to recover themselves from the painful loss caused, another dead news came. This time it was Agha’s son, Jalal. Jalal left this world on 5th March in the year 1995.

Jalal also suffered just like her father and left us with a heart attack. But his memories will always lie in everyone's heart. Agha was even nominated for the prestigious award in the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for the film Ghunghat in the year 1960.

He has been sprinkling magic all through the years he was active and will be in everyone’s memories forever. Agha will be in the entire film industry and will be in the heart of Bollywood forever.

Keshavrao Date Hindi Actor

Keshavrao Date

Keshavrao date is a legend of the Indian cinemas. He is an Indian film actor who was born on 28th September in 1889 in Adivare, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. He used to play double roles as both manager and actor. Keshavrao used to work in both silent and sound movies as well. Before starting his acting career professionally, he thought of making people feel the film and tried to develop his own drama story but became so difficult for him to manage that he decided to quit. Later he decided to build his own company for which he needs promotion team, production management team which can be sorted off if he joins hands with a company having a higher budget than us. Then he finalized his decision by joining hands with Prabhat Film Company. He was still in a mere doubt as he joined hands with the company but later sorted out everything. After that, Keshavrao enacted in 12 films one after one, which helped him to step up in the path of his success. Each step of him was realizing Keshavrao how close he is going towards his goals and dream. Keshavrao himself directed four movies on his self, which was very surprising for him. To his surprise, for the first time, he was the director of film on his own and that too with perfection. His first ever debut was in the year 1934 named “Amrit Manthan” . This film was not a hit one, but it didn’t even flop. He learned lots of mistakes which he committed, through this movie. Later he spotted his faults and rectified and started working on it. His dedication towards his work was commendable. The 2nd film was not popular, but it has his values for the one who has put his lots of effort into making it, worked day and night, which was appreciable. In 1933, Keshavrao played in a drama Andhalyanchi Shala (the school for blind people). Through this movie, Keshavrao became a star and also got a hard-worker person in the Prabhat Film Company to achieve favorable outcomes as well as high success rates. But as we say, not every story ends nicely. This story of Keshavrao didn’t end too. This beautiful soul left us, giving great pain. Keshavrao date left this world where he was the hero, giving us the utmost sorrow. He died on 13th September 1971, at the age of 48. His whole family was present at the time of his funeral. Their faces were enough to express how they are feeling of being at that place. His sudden demise was shocking for all the people out there. Soon all the rituals got finished up it was the time to say a last goodbye and pray for the departed soul, by remembering all the precious and valuable time we spend with him. The shocking news which we had got has to be accepted as it was the reality. The pain that he left us will always remain with us as long as he lives in our hearts.