Jalal Agha was born in 1946. He was an actor and a renowned director in the Bollywood industry. Jalal’s father was the well-liked Indian comedian, Agha, who was well known for his comic timings. Jalal learned to act from FTII, located in Pune. Jalal was a brilliant actor and was a part of many movies, where he showcased his brilliance in the field. Jalal has been a part of various ventures either as a child actor or as the lead.

Jalal’s acting career started in 1960, when he played as a child actor in Mughal-E-Azam. He portrayed the child version of Jahangir, which was later illustrated by Dilip Kumar Muhammad Yusuf Khan was born on the 11th of Decemb >> Read More... Dilip Kumar , when he was an adult. The story revolves around the relationship between Emperor Akbar and his son, Prince Salim. Akbar did not have a male heir to his throne, so he takes a journey to a shrine to pray to the Lord for a son. A maid later brings her the news that Jodhabai has given birth to his boy. As Prince Salim grows up, he becomes spoiled and undisciplined and to teach him those, he is sent to war. When he returns and meets Anarkali, he falls in love with her. Akbar is displeased with this since she is a court-room dancer and orders a death sentence to Anarkali, but later arranges an escape path for her, because of the promise he made to her mother.

Jalal also appeared in the classic hit, ‘Sholay’, where he plays the banjo in the movie’s hit track, Mehbooba O’ Mehbooba. In the 1973 release of the picture,”Yaadon Ki Baraat”, Jalal played the character of Salim. He portrays Julie’s silent lover, Richard, in the 1975 famous picture, ‘Julie’. Jalal also appeared in projects like Bombay Talkies Click to look into! >> Read More... Bombay Talkies , which was released in 1970, and was the story about a British author, Lucia, who arrives in India for her research in the Bollywood industry. She ends up falling in love with a married actor, Vikram. The plot becomes complicated when Vikram finds out that one of his friends is in love with Lucia. He was also part of the 1982 release, ‘Gandhi’, which was a biographical film on his life and his attempts to drive out the British from India, and help India achieve long-awaited independence.

Jalal also directed and wrote the script of ‘Goonj’, which released in 1989. He died on 5 March, 1995, of a heart attack, and has a son and daughter.