Aakash Khemchandani Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 07-12-1992
  • Age : 29
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Aakash Khemchandani is a supporting actor in the well-known web series, Little things. It was originally a Youtube web series, but the love and fame the series got made them change the series into a Netflix web series. Aakash Khemchandani was born on 07 December 1992, in Mumbai. He is also an enthusiastic dancer. He loves to dance and act in his free time. He is known for playing the role of 'Piyush' in the web series Little things. The series was about a modern couple, who faces their life problems together with modern solutions.

Besides acting, Aakash is a content writer and an interior designer. He loves making the most of his days and believe in the motto, you only live once. He uses his creativity and imagination in the best way possible, outcomes of his work are usually masterly intelligent. He is also a religious person and have a strong belief in the greatness of almighty.