Mirande Shah,  the finalist of Amul Star Voice of India, is a singer and songwriter from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is a breathtaking singer trained in the Indian classical tradition, with a honeyed mellifluous voice and impeccable intonation. In addition to her top-notch performing abilities, Mirande has also founded her label, Roohani, and advocates views for women’s empowerment. Her song “Main Chaloon – To the Woman of Strength” addresses gender equality. It is epitomized by the increasing instances of rape cases in India and a music video for the song was shown in some government schools for girls to spread a message of empowerment for young females. Mirande is currently working with an NGO to revive and restore her native language by composing and singing nursery rhymes in the language, to be taught in schools across the state. 

Shah had been training in Kolkata and had been traveling to and fro from Ahmedabad. The golden voice of Gujarat is now off to Florida, US to pursue her singing dreams and expand her immense talent with a month-long fellowship from the US. This new venture of Mirande will not only have her meet other fellow musicians and singers who share the same passion but will also help her fulfill all her dreams and passions.

We wish her all the best and a great fortune ahead!!