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Other names of Dhruv: Shaitan,Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Hindi Actor

Dhruv Sharma Dhruv Sharma was a deaf Indian cricketer and an ac >> Read More... is a viral personality, an Indian-born Singaporean-American singer. He studied statistics and data science at Yale University. He debuts with the single titled, “Double Take” in 2019, followed by the other singles “ Moonlight Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and “Vulnerable” released in 2020. His song “Rapunzel” is getting the worldwide attention. Dhruv is someone who made his own path into music. Music is something that comes naturally to him. He comes from a family where pursuing a career in music solely is not something one completely agrees to, but he encouraged himself that would happen for him.

He constantly worked hard toward the music. He used to listen to numerous artists of different genres to develop a core understanding of music. Dhruv adores artists like Gnarls Barkley and British soul singer “ Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was a British songwriter and singer >> Read More... ”. Due to his extended family in India, he was constantly accompanied by Bollywood music, which genuinely helped him in his early days of learning about the different soundtracks in music. 

Manifestation is a massive part of Dhruv’s life. He always felt about music and wanted to go further with it. He firmly believes that if one genuinely wants something, one must direct all his energy towards it, and so he took pause from his studies to pursue music full-time. He loved music as a kid; there were days when Dhruv wrote songs and made music from his bedroom a decade before, and that experience would become the center of inspiration to produce further quality songs. Growing up, it became an integral part of him. At the age of fourteen, he recorded his first song titled Crosswords, which people praised.

Dhruv's utmost focus while making songs is to be relatable to the audiences and appeal to as many people as possible. He thought music was a fantastic form of expression. He is a person who always follows his gut instinct and follows it with complete honesty. He usually wrote songs based on his personal experiences. His single “Double Take” is about falling in love with a friend and a timeless message with which many people can connect. His song Grateful was inspired by his childhood memory of playing princess at the house of his grandmother.

The popularity of Dhruv’s songs could be witnessed because it has been used in over 3.5 million videos on TikTok and over 132 million streams on Spotify. He was moved by the kind of appreciation and attention he received from the audience. Dhruv’s writing style is straightforward and involves essential sentiments. He loves to experiment with his music to bring it to the audience. Dhruv is a promising pop musician who is going to dominate shortly. He hopes that people could look at his potential to offer the best music to them.