Vijay K Mishra is an Indian film director and screenwriter, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Kaabil (2017), Gang of Littles (2016), Mangal Ho (2019), etc. Mostly known for his major involvement in Hindi short films, TV shows, dramas, theatres, and Bollywood movies, Vijay has been a prominent part of the Indian film industry for more than five years now.

The year 2016 was a critical one for Vijay as he made his first decisive contribution on the silver screen as a screenwriter with the Hindi drama film Gang of Littles (2016), starring Abhishek, Shehzad Khan Shehzad Khan is an Indian actor who has acted in m >> Read More... , Viju Khote Viju Khote is an Indian actor, and he has worked i >> Read More... in lead roles. Since then, Vijay has evolved a lot as a filmmaker. Over the years, Vijay has often been admired by numerous critics and local spectators for the remarkable skills shown by him as a film director, especially his eye for details and the transitions in his plot sequences.

Deepak Sawant Hindi Actor

Deepak Sawant

Deepak Sawant is a name well known in the Bollywood circles and why would he not is after all, he has been Amitabh Bachchan’s personal make-up artist for more than the past forty-three years now. Deepak recalls that the first he met Big B, it was when he was an assistant makeup man. The meeting happened while shooting for the movie ‘Raaste Ka Patthar’ in ‘Mehboob’ studio, room number 8. Deepak says that he did not have the opportunity to do Mr. Bachchan’s makeup and was more involved with setting up the room for it rather. He said that especially for Big B, it was an important aspect that the room was set well and maybe it was his liking the room’s settings that one fine day he asked for Deepak Sawant to do his makeup. Mr. Sawant reminisces that once it so happened that Mr. Bachchan’s makeup man i.e. Mr. Sawant’s boss was busy with another commitment. It was then that Mr. Bachchan suggested that Mr. Sawant does the makeup. That was the day and after that, he has been the personal makeup man for Big B. He adds that when Mr. Bachchan became a superstar after the successive success of films like ‘Zanjeer’, ‘Majboor’, and ‘Zameer’, Big B insisted Deepak to be his personal makeup man. He took Deepak to his house to meet Jaya Bachchan and there they found that Mrs. Bachchan’s makeup artists actually wanted to work for Mr. Bachchan too. But Big B had already given his word and also he trusted Deepak’s skills and hence he retained him. Sawant adds that being in the entertainment does make people interested in movie making too, a bug that bit him too and he ventured into movie making as a producer. With whatever capital he had, he knew that making a good Bollywood movie would be difficult and hence he went for Bhojpuri cinema. He has produced three movies in Bhojpuri namely ‘Ganga’, ‘Gangotri’ and ‘Ganga Devi’ and another one in ‘Marathi’ named ‘Akka. Ganga Devi’ was later made into a Bollywood movie named Leader which starred Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. Mr. Sawant recently faced a tough time when his wife ‘Sarod’ was diagnosed with cancer. He says that it was an emotionally as well as physically tough time for them but by God’s grace and wishes of the family and friends, they could finally cope up with it. On being asked about his further plans, he says that he would continue to make meaningful cinema and maybe someday he would make a big ticket Bollywood movie too