Kriti Nakhwa is a Bollywood filmmaker who produced the Bollywood sensation flick ‘Hunterr’, which was released in 2015. This was a comedy movie that talks about the sex-addicted person and it was an adult film too. Kirti Nakhwa Kirti Nakwa is a Bollywood film producer and edito >> Read More... Kirti Nakhwa was not only the co-producer of the movie but she was also the editor of the movie. Kirti, who is a professional editor of an award-winning short film, had edited the movie ‘Hunterr’ in a slick manner and won praise. She is perhaps a feminine who excels in editing format of films. The movie ‘Hunterr’ released in 2015 but had a lukewarm response in the box office although it had Radhika Apte Radhika Apte, an Indian actress was born on Sept 7 >> Read More... Radhika Apte and another Marathi actress in lead roles. Kriti co-produced this movie, which had some stellar actors around main characters, especially Radhika Apte who was very impressive and natural in the movie. The movie of course spoke about the sex in the society, but it needed more interesting story and the narrative part of the film should have been more absorbing too. It was a brave attempt in Bollywood to make a bold move on double-standards of sex topic, but the execution of the movie was not proficient to match the topic.

It is true nowadays that behind camera works are also being noticed in the film industry and hence the arrival of Kriti Nakhwa is indeed very much impressive. It is true that editing is the toughest job in movie production. Once the editing concept was considered to be under male bastion, but now even woman are also making an attempt to deliver the finest result of cuts in scenes of movies.

Kirti Nakhwa's another most recent work (2008) was for a short film 'Lost And Found’ which she had produced, and the short film won a national award. This short film had caught the eye of the Hindi film industry and she had co-produced and edited the movie ‘Hunterr’. Kriti Nakhwa always wanted to be film producer and was actively associated with film industry and later landed up as an editor. Her resume is very meaningful, and Kriti’s rise in film industry should not create any initial confusion with male editors of the film industry.