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Manju Singh Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 1948

Manju Singh is a renowned television serial producer who changed the face of the TV industry by featuring her serials only on Doordarshan. She was also an actress who acted in a supporting role in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s ‘ Golmaal Click to look into! >> Read More... Golmaal ’ (1979) wherein she played Amol Palekar’s sister. This actress-turned-producer then went to produce numerous TV series that garnered her fame as a popular TV celebrity. She was the first female producer who produced series based on literary short stories on Doordarshan. Manju hosted the show with dedication and promoted wholesome entertainment for children and young adults. She elevated the status of storytelling concept in Doordarshan with her first TV series ‘ Kahani Kahani is an Aaj Tak Channel TV show. Aaj Tak is o >> Read More... Kahani ’ (1983-89) by selecting best top stories from all regions of India and had scaled new heights for her sensitive work. For creating critically acclaimed TV series ‘ Ek Kahani Ek Kahani is a unique show by Doordarshan that sou >> Read More... Ek Kahani ’, she received many awards in the TV industry.

Manju spent almost 25 years in the television industry and produced one series after one such as ‘Khel Khilone’, ‘ Adhikar Adhikar is a Hindi serial aired on of Zee TV. The >> Read More... Adhikar ’, ‘ Swaraj Swaraj is one of the best television serials made >> Read More... Swaraj ’ etc. Every series had a message for the society. Her popular TV series ‘Adhikar’(1987-88) dealt with justice for women of our society. To commemorate 50 years of Independence, she brought out a TV serial ‘Swaraj’ on the subject of our freedom struggle. This serial was critically acclaimed and had a top TRP rating. Manju Singh later changed her role of a producer and engaged herself as a convener with WorldKids International Children’s Film Festival. She showcased children films in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior, Pune and other cities where children film festival was screened in a selected city theater.

In her effort to spread awareness about children films, she promoted many children films, cartoon films and gathered school children from various city schools to participate for a compulsory viewing in the cities. Her dedication to the crusade of creating a platform for children films is highly laudable. She not only notched up an incomparable status as a TV serial producer but scaled new heights with her work for children film society.